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Humor in spousal relationship

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KC eug

Relationship desperately needs humor. Humor in spousal relationship certainly will save your marriage. Let us look at the humor quotes to learn how to deal with spousal relationships in humor.   Man wants to make rule to have his supremacy over his woman while the wife always wants to change the man and his everything.    “I am the husband, so I make the rules… Read More »Humor in spousal relationship

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पता नहीं तू ये बर्दाश्त कैसे करती है?

सिर्फ women empowerment की बाते करने से और events करने से कुछ नहीं होता ,
आज भी almost सभी घरों में लड़कियों की यही हालत है
ये छोटी सोच की गंदगी निकल ने की शुरुआत हमें अपने आप से ही करनी होगी.

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Are You Fond of Indian Curry?

Sukarma TharejaOnline
Sukarma Thareja

Author sukarma Thareja in above article describes how many important curries are prepared for different dishes in different# states of India.Each curry preparation depend on #weather of local region and spices available there.