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A REMINDER THAT SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS ARE IMPORTANT FOR ALL OF US…. Can you imagine surving in school or college without friends? Do you think that you could, on every single day, be able to do all things on your own without any support from friends, family or your teachers? Seems hard, no? While I don’t wish to underminethe importance of being independent, I want to Continue…

Plight Of Girl Child

‘The Plight of girl child’

  India, the land of durga and Lakshmi, little girls are worshipped on the auspicious days of Navratris. What divine and heavenly sight to the eyes…the little one’s feet being washed, like the feets of idols! The very next day, with Navratri pooja just got over, the same little girl as young as 3 years lies somewhere, brutally explioted and mudered by the devils who Continue…


What Happened To The AREA 51 RAID??

On September 2019 a Facebook event known as “STORM AREA 51: THEY CANT STOP US ALL” started. It was originally meant to be a joke but it gained popularity overnight. A lot of people globally were in favour of this raid. Area 51 has been under a lot of conspiracies as many people claim that they have seen aliens and UFO in and around the Continue…