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Pragya SinghLast Seen: Nov 23, 2023 @ 4:06pm 16NovUTC

This poem is about anxiety, faced by many young adults. It is trying to explain the feeling a person with anxiety goes through in his/her daily life.

Dreams At Night (1)


Ranjan BaralLast Seen: Nov 28, 2023 @ 4:58am 4NovUTC
Ranjan Baral

DREAM HOUR Dreams at night, Shining fully bright, Bringing inner delight, In the moonlight.   Imagined sweet scenes, In our own dreams, Possess hidden themes, Logically not seems.   As we relaxed, With eyes remained closed, Where travelling mind goes, Nobody really knows.   In the early morning, Dreams take shape of warning, When Sun is dawning, Days start performing.  <><><><> <><><><> <><><><> LASTLY If… Read More »DREAM HOUR (Poem)

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R RLast Seen: Oct 16, 2023 @ 7:48pm 19OctUTC

It is a writing on the topic feminism
Sometimes our humanly needs overpower everything we stood for

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जिंदगी की भागदौड़

Vaishnavi MishraLast Seen: Sep 18, 2023 @ 9:36am 9SepUTC
Vaishnavi Mishra

ये जो तू भीड में दौड़ रहा है, इसमे क्या कुछ तुझसे छूट गया है, कुछ अपने पीछे छूट गए हैं, कुछ तू खुद ही खुद से रूठ गया है| इस जिंदगी की भाग-दौड़ ने, देख तेरा क्या हाल किया है, खुलकर जीने निकला था जो, उसने ज़िम्मेदारियों के बोझ को थाम लिया है| ख्वाहिशें तो  दूर की बात है, अब ज़रूरी भी पूरी होती… Read More »जिंदगी की भागदौड़

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मेरी आंखो से पुछना

vikas chauhanLast Seen: Oct 3, 2023 @ 7:12am 7OctUTC
vikas chauhan

हर पल,हर एक रातों से पुछना  मेरे संग भीगी इन बरसातों से पुछना और कितना तड़पा हु मैं तुम्हारी याद मे हर दिन  अगर मुझपर यकीन न आए,तो मेरी इन आंखो से पुछना  #hindi shayari #sadshayari #poem #feeling #love #writer

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Fathomless Soul:

A.A DarLast Seen: Jun 24, 2023 @ 3:49pm 15JunUTC
A.A Dar

Fathomless Soul: Dark is the night,  Darker the soul,  Fathomless depths,    Stories untold; stories i cannot tell,             stories i cannot find no more, they have been erased by the ghosts ,              who dewelled there, since the day you left. Since they don’t concern me, i don’t want to share them, I just… Read More »Fathomless Soul:

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2 In One Web:

A.A DarLast Seen: Jun 24, 2023 @ 3:49pm 15JunUTC
A.A Dar

2 friends simultaneously in love with 2 different people; bond of ultimate understanding.