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Why One Piece is one of the best anime there is!

One piece is one the best anime there is! It is the story on how Monkey D. Luffy (Protagonist) gathers a crew and go on the journey on finding one piece(a treasure left by former pirate king) on the journey to become a pirate king. The story is basically so well laid that everything at last always adds up and make it even more good, Continue…

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Top 7 Must watch anime 2020

Anime is the heart of some people, well as an anime fan, I will tell you 7 must-watch anime in my opinion. 7. Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Ghoul is a story about how a student is attacked by a Ghoul and is forcibly turned into a half-ghoul half-human, Ghouls are some types of superhumans who live by devouring humans. These ghouls just need to need 1 Continue…