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Top 7 Must watch anime 2020

Anime is the heart of some people, well as an anime fan, I will tell you 7 must-watch anime in my opinion. 7. Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Ghoul is a story about how a student is attacked by a Ghoul and is forcibly turned into a half-ghoul half-human, Ghouls are some types of superhumans who live by devouring humans. These ghouls just need to need 1 Continue…


What Happened To The AREA 51 RAID??

On September 2019 a Facebook event known as “STORM AREA 51: THEY CANT STOP US ALL” started. It was originally meant to be a joke but it gained popularity overnight. A lot of people globally were in favour of this raid. Area 51 has been under a lot of conspiracies as many people claim that they have seen aliens and UFO in and around the Continue…