I was waiting in a cafe for the man of my dreams when his mother unexpectedly showed up (A story from life)

HalynaLast Seen: Feb 22, 2024 @ 12:52pm 12FebUTC

A few years ago, the narrator met a man named Gosha online and became interested in him. They had certain criteria for the type of person they wanted to be in a relationship with, and Gosha seemed to tick all the boxes. They were particularly impressed by his writing project. After waiting a month, they finally went on a date. However, things took an unexpected turn when an old woman claiming to be Gosha’s mother sat down next to them. It turned out that Gosha’s mother was both controlling and bossy. She wanted to get to know the narrator before allowing them to date her son. Uncomfortable with this level of involvement, the narrator decided to end the relationship with Gosha. Despite some initial hesitation, they knew they made the right decision and did not want their life to be affected negatively by a difficult mother-in-law.