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Leadership Toughness: Are you Captain Chaos or Zen Master?

Are you a Tough Leader or just acting as one? 🎭

I’ve had my fair share of bosses over my two-decade journey in the IT realm – roughly about 20+ managers in 20 years of experience, directly or indirectly (yes, that’s a lot of faces! 😀).

Strangely enough, it’s not the traits I admired in them that left a lasting mark on my personal growth. Rather, it’s the qualities that irked me, that shaped me into the authentic and empathetic individual I strive to be today.

And #LeadershipToughness was a tough one to learn!

In this article, I share two unforgettable experiences and unveil the 3 traits every Tough Leader embodies.

Are you a Captain Chaos or a Zen Master? Find out! 💪🔥