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Green Grass

Sandeep BagriLast Seen: Jan 3, 2024 @ 12:45am 0JanUTC
Sandeep Bagri

Green Grass want to share her feelings for everyone. There is some moral in those lines.

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Can we really buy happiness by money ?

SOUMYA SUBHANKARLast Seen: Feb 29, 2024 @ 2:47am 2FebUTC

Money and happiness are two different things but they are very closely related to each other. Some people say you can buy anything by money where others say you can buy everything by money but you can’t buy happiness. So is it true that money can really buy happiness ? You may buy everything by spending money but you can win the world by your smile and sweet words.

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Index of Luxury Life

Sukarma TharejaLast Seen: Mar 5, 2024 @ 10:11am 10MarUTC
Sukarma Thareja

Author Sukarma Thareja in her story”Index of Luxury Life” describes that Peace of mind which is inside is parameter of highest luxury life.


‘Magic in our Stars’

Kirti KangraLast Seen: Jun 28, 2023 @ 6:59am 6JunUTC
Kirti Kangra

Things that are meant for you will find youWhy name it gloom when you feel bluePerhaps your happy color is in navy huesAs sunshine cannot be made for everyone of youSometimes happiness breathes as the stars burnLeaving behind a burst of spark for you to discernHow life works like magic isn’t for you to learnYou are to trust the stars and be patient as they… Read More »‘Magic in our Stars’

Illusion Of Buying Happiness

The Illusion of Buying Happiness!

Sakshi YadavLast Seen: Aug 6, 2023 @ 11:05am 11AugUTC
Sakshi Yadav

Money has provided humans with utmost ease and comfort. Today, the general consensus is that every single need of a person who has loads of riches can be fulfilled. But is it the real truth??? Does wealth ensure emotional happiness? It seems like we are lost somewhere in the midst of the vast sea of illusion that this life bring to us. In order to… Read More »The Illusion of Buying Happiness!