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China Imposes Curfew In Gaming for Children and Young Gamers Here’s Why

Why did China Impose Curfew For Children and Young Gamers Explained. So chinese gamers, we have a bad news for you. China just imposed curfew for gaming between 10pm-8am. China imposes curfew in Gaming For children and Young Gamers so that they can only play online games for 90 minutes in one day. We will talk about this in detail so be sure to read Continue…

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Is Fortnite Dying??

Fortnite is a BATTLE ROYALE game developed by EPIC GAMES. Fortnite got a lot of recognition in 2017 and it became a lot popular. It has 3 game modes and everyone knows about fortnite but recently MINECRAFT also get revived and it has become more popular than fortnite. Minecraft is developed by MOJANG and it released way back then fortnite. It is a open world Continue…