Still Of A Bloody, Battered, And Unhinged Ranbir Kapoor From 'animal'.

Animal (2023) Non-Spoiler Opinion

Rohit RamachandranLast Seen: Dec 5, 2023 @ 7:06am 7DecUTC

Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga and featuring a phenomenal Ranbir Kapoor, ‘Animal’ is a wicked, explosive, and bloody descent into the discomfiting depths of animalistic instincts of men where the law of the jungle reigns supreme. This movie is bound to feel like a shotgun blast to the face for those with tame sensibilities.

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Acids – Cooking King

Sukarma TharejaLast Seen: Dec 5, 2023 @ 7:17am 7DecUTC
Sukarma Thareja

Author Sukarma Thareja describes that use of acid can make food tasty and at the same time can help in food preparation which boost ones immunity