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What is The Actual Cost of Manufacturing iPhone 11 in 2019

The Tim Cook’s team’s hardwo in Apple for past 1 year was presented in the form of the 3 new iPhones. After a lot of time, Apple saw a rise in the sales of iPhones. But what is the actual cost of manufacturing iPhone 11 in 2019. Well we go deep down, we will try to estimate the actual profit margins, which Apple earns. This Continue…

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Google I/O 2019 Begins Next Week What to Expect

Google I/O is the Google’s annual developer conference, that is usually held in May every year. Like every year Google will showcase it’s latest developments, talk about software for foldable form factor in Android. Sundar Pichai will deliver the opening keynote for Google I/O.Google I/O will take place from 7th to 9th May. The dates were made available months ago, in a unique style of Continue…

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Thoughts on Samsung Galaxy Fold 2019

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2019 is Samsung’s Newest innovation in Display technology. A phone that unfolds into a tablet. And then folds back into phone. There is no hinge and the display itself bends making the transition seamless. Thoughts on Samsung Galaxy Fold 2019, also include the fact that the fold like a folded paper has a crease. The #Samsung Galaxy Fold is a amazing device Continue…