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Unveiling the Path to True Happiness

  • Akriti 

Happiness is a fleeting emotion that we often chase, believing it resides in the attainment of external goals or possessions. We tirelessly pursue success, wealth, and recognition, convinced that they hold the key to our joy. Yet, true happiness eludes us until we realize that it is an inside job. It emanates from within, a state of mind cultivated through gratitude, acceptance, and self-love. It… Read More »Unveiling the Path to True Happiness

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Don’t take stress

  • Akriti 

we’re so stressed out these days, because we believe everything needs to happen right now. we forget that everything happens in perfect timing. If we don’t see anything changing on the outside, we start to loose faith in the power to manifest our reality. we might even start doubting if it’s real, or possible stop taking stress because it will only hurt you 😌🤞take enough… Read More »Don’t take stress