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Apology to close friend.

Adarsh KanojiyaLast Seen: Feb 28, 2024 @ 2:29pm 14FebUTC
Adarsh Kanojiya

The message begins with a sincere apology, expressing regret for the various mistakes and wrongdoings committed in the past. The sender acknowledges the negative impact their actions may have had on the recipient’s life and expresses genuine remorse for any pain caused. They reflect on both intentional and unintentional errors, recognizing the need to take responsibility for their behavior.

Next, the sender delves into specific instances where misunderstandings occurred, leading to further strain in their relationship. They highlight moments where their intentions were misconstrued or where they failed to communicate effectively. Despite their efforts to mend these misunderstandings, the sender acknowledges the lingering tension and seeks to address it directly through their apology.

The message then shifts to a deeper reflection on personal growth and the desire for forgiveness. The sender expresses a sincere willingness to change and improve, recognizing the importance of learning from past mistakes. They convey a heartfelt plea for understanding and compassion, hoping to reconcile and move forward positively.

In the following paragraph, the sender makes a commitment to respect the recipient’s boundaries and wishes. They acknowledge the need for space and time to heal, promising to refrain from further contact if it brings discomfort or distress. This gesture underscores their respect for the recipient’s well-being and autonomy.

Lastly, the sender offers well wishes for the recipient’s future endeavors, expressing hope for happiness and success. They recognize the need to close this chapter of their relationship, understanding that it may be for the best. The message concludes with a final apology and a sincere expression of gratitude for the recipient’s time and consideration.


Kuch Baatein Dil Ki

Adarsh KanojiyaLast Seen: Feb 28, 2024 @ 2:29pm 14FebUTC
Adarsh Kanojiya

The lines express a deep yearning for genuine connection and empathy from another person, amidst the struggles of life. They highlight the uniqueness of someone who truly understands and cares, surpassing the efforts of others. The speaker reflects on the prevalence of casual inquiries about well-being, contrasting them with the search for genuine concern. There’s an acknowledgment of the complexity of human emotions and the limitations of external understanding. The speaker suggests that only the heart truly comprehends one’s innermost feelings. Finally, there’s a sense of resignation towards the challenges of communication and the depth of human emotions, implying a longing for understanding that may never be fully realized.

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Dil main jo chupa hua hai….

Adarsh KanojiyaLast Seen: Feb 28, 2024 @ 2:29pm 14FebUTC
Adarsh Kanojiya

In this heartfelt message, the sender lays bare their emotions, revealing a deep sense of vulnerability and longing. Despite feeling neglected and unacknowledged, they confess to having invested their entire trust and love in the recipient, without hesitation or reservation. Recounting instances where they felt excluded and misunderstood, the sender yearns for a more profound connection, a recognition of their efforts, and a validation of their feelings.

Amidst the turmoil of frustration and anger, the sender reflects on their own actions and extends a sincere apology to the recipient, acknowledging their mistakes and expressing a genuine desire for reconciliation. Despite their grievances, they demonstrate a profound selflessness by expressing a willingness to prioritize the recipient’s happiness, even if it means withdrawing from their life momentarily.

With humility, the sender admits their own shortcomings and expresses a commitment to self-improvement and personal growth. Despite the challenges they’ve faced, they cling steadfastly to their love and devotion for the recipient, hoping for forgiveness and understanding in return. They emphasize the importance of nurturing trust and mutual respect in their relationship, underscoring their unwavering belief in the power of love to overcome obstacles and heal wounds.

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‘You appreciate beauty only when you fail to feel it.’ – Ranjan Baral.

Ranjan BaralLast Seen: Feb 25, 2024 @ 6:53am 6FebUTC
Ranjan Baral

I created this quote a while ago. I wish to reflect on the beautiful quote.   “You appreciate beauty only when you fail to feel it,”   I find myself drawn into the intricate dance between these soft and subtle human experiences. Yes, it is the dance between our emotions and the world’s aesthetic wonders. In a crowded world, our senses are bombarded with information.… Read More »‘You appreciate beauty only when you fail to feel it.’ – Ranjan Baral.