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Naturopathy and Hormones

Sukarma TharejaOnline
Sukarma Thareja

Naturopathy exercises like walk, meditation, social activities like shareing meals and resources, listening to music, life work balance are means to make one lead happy stress free life.

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Yelling at kids

Sukarma TharejaOnline
Sukarma Thareja

Yelling at kids is not a respectful parenting. Talking to kids in calm way will help them to do activity in right way. Patience is key to avoid yelling at kids.

Survival In 21st Century.. Meditation Is Key!

Survival in the 21st century…MEDITATION IS THE KEY!

Sakshi YadavLast Seen: Aug 6, 2023 @ 11:05am 11AugUTC
Sakshi Yadav

If we ask ourselves “who we are”, most of us might say- we are humans, I am a boy or girl, other might say father or mother etc. But the question remains same- Who are we? Answer is so simple that we all are a bundle of “energy”, which we also know is also known as “soul”. With time this energy needs to clean up… Read More »Survival in the 21st century…MEDITATION IS THE KEY!

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See What Will Happen If You #Meditate 1 Hour Daily

Tejas GautamLast Seen: Jul 3, 2023 @ 1:59pm 13JulUTC
Tejas Gautam

#Meditation has been very famous for specially monks in initial times, but the scenario has changed a little bit. Many professional have adopted meditation as their daily routine. And many believe it as part of their success. But is it something to trust on and do for a long period of time? I would be loved to answer this question here only. #Meditation actually means… Read More »See What Will Happen If You #Meditate 1 Hour Daily