Hardware or Software: The Decision Google Needs

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Recently We talked about OnePlus for the fact that they needed to decide if they wanted to go premium flagship range, or keep only essentials leaving things like wireless charging to keep it mid range. We discussed it here, and today we discuss the Decision Google Needs To Make.

Google was a software company till 2016, when they launched their hardware and became software and hardware company. Google had hardware earlier also but they never focused at it, but now they have a major chunk of focus over hardware.

The decision they need to make is Hardware First or Software First. You can’t make great Hardware and Software company together. For eg. for Android to be great software they keep it open-source and accessible to developers and any random person, but this means most of great software they make for Pixel has to given to competition.

If they focus on Hardware then Software is comprised and vice versa. They have been launching new and new hardware year over year, and there software is stagnant at it’s place. Google needs to be somewhat like Apple, they decide we are hardware company and make great hardware and there software is focused for their and only their hardware.

Google needs to make this decision, or another bit more complicated though better method would be to make open-source software for public, and keep another software with featured they want to be unique to themselves for hardware. They can do this by for eg. using their Fuchsia for themselves only, and developing android for others.

Though this would build up huge lines of products, difficult to manage, require lot’s of customer support, lot’s of coders and also generate confusion to people at outer circle of the tech world. I believe Google should remain as a Software company, and don’t jump 2 many ships

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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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