Google’s Next Billion: Gaming

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Google has never got decent results in hardware for the fact that it didn’t have great hardware skills, and almost all software they have is  Open-Source. This time things will change

Google is planning to put it’s steps in gaming industry with introduction of some new platforms. They are planning to compete Xbox and Play Station this time around. Like they would probably be doing with Fuchsia, they would keep it’s source code in house, for the fact that it will help them develop Hardware better.

Google has code named it “Yeti” Google has never been first with many of their products, like Gmail, Google Search, Android etc. But they grow pretty good, with it’s innovative ideas Google scales itself like no one, but with hardware Google has had no such record.

Google is planning to launch a competitor for Xbox and Playstation. Google is rumored to be launching a platform for game developers to bring them under one platform. A gaming console is allegedly in works. Google has refused to comment on this topic.

Google will do plenty of aquisations to facilitate this move. Google should I believe keep the platform unique to themselves for the fact that their success can be with this means only.

Google will probably have it development stages, and unlike Pixel 3, rumours about which are coming out frequently, it is still in it’s early childhood, and I don’t expect to see it in Made By Google Event this year.

Though these rumors definatly tell Google’s intent to dive into more and more market, and generate more platforms with more than a billion monthly active users and also make a mark in hardware industry in which Google has always been among the backbencher. We would love to look forward in this matter, and would keep you updated with latest leaks about the same

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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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