Google Unlimited Photo Storage, Broken due to Typo

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If you are amongst the people who own a Pixel device, then you are definatly the fan of that awesome camera it sports.

Almost a year after it’s launch it is the best camera smartphone, and for the same Google gave you unlimited photo storage.

But if you flashed a custom AOSP ROM in your device recently then you should find yourself not being able to use it.

If this is the case, then you are not the only one, their is almost everyone that faces the issue.

No don’t worry it is not being blocked, it is a small typo in their script. XDA forum member Razorloves, spotted the Product manufacturer to be written in the script as ‘google’ instead of ‘GOOGLE’ 

This small typo was what caused the Google Photos to get broken. The issue has been submitted to AOSP and has been updated so that any new ROM can have it.

This means that you need to flash newer version of AOSP and everything would start to function fine, you would with this again be able to back them up again in Google Photos.

At present all your photos would be taking up your Google Drive storage and by updating your ROM will take it all back to Google Photos.

Google Photos provides unlimited photo storage for Pixel 2 till 2020, which is more than the time what most people will keep a phone for.

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