Google Releases Google Duo For Web Having Video And Audio Call

Google has released the web version for Google Duo, bringing it to Windows. The Google Duo for Web will support audio and video calls for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

The web version is middle of its roll and soon will be available to all devices. The original version of Google Duo was released along with Google Allo at Google I/O in 2016. Almost 3 years later the web version arrives making it available to wider audience.

The Google Duo has been received really well. The version for web will be supporting audio as well as video calls. The desktop version will even support notifications for incoming calls. Opening Google Duo for web will soon greet you with your contacts and call interface.

It would be available to most of the browsers, but interestingly it would not be available with Microsoft Edge. #OnePlus has made Google Duo it’s stock app for carrying video calls on its phones.

The Google Duo is a great system for video calls with features like ”Record Messages” and ” Knock-Knock”.

These features have made it popular among masses, and the simple interface makes Google Duo easy to use. Google has been actively improving the Google Duo, specially after they decided to shut down Google Allo which was Google’s messaging app launched along with #Google Duo at the 2016 #GoogleIO

This #web version was extremely important considering the fact that Google is shutting down it’s Google Hangouts also, which till date allowed video calls on web. Though there have been reports that Google would upgrade hangouts users to Hangouts Meet instead, but in any case Google Duo is a better option because it is more popular and cross platform.

Google Duo would require you to verify your phone no. besides having a #Gmail account. The requirement for phone number was not there on Hangouts.

Google Duo is considered more reliable by users, after recently a bug was discovered in #Apple’s Face Time, that allowed people to hear another person even without the other person answering the #call.

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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