Google IO: Almost Same As Last Year including timing

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Google IO this year is scheduled for 7th May 2019 and continue for 3 days. Taking place in Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. The venue is same as last year. And the date just a day before last year (last year was 8th May).

Google teases the dates for IO via creative puzzles. Each year these puzzles solving makes people run there minds just to know the date and time. And a Twitter user solved it this time around.

Google tweeted this puzzle this time around with a link. And in the video at the end we see all the hints that they give. You can see the hints below and try to solve it yourself before scrolling down to understand how we got know about the answer.

””so different people made different people made different guesses. Some took guesses from the fourth last line where it says, “I Have 7 and You Have 6″,  and guessed the date as 7th.

There was this Web Developer who inspected the code of page that Google gave link for, and found the hints in the JSON. The below is the attached image that he showed where you can see that Google had this code hidden where the details of the event are written in upper portion.


Google as you can see has 11 pizzles and the fist to solve them all gets a free ticket to the event.

Google IO this year will festure details and changes to the development of the Google Duplex, the beta release of Android Q, and a hint to the version number of operating system, which it gives in the demos of beta version

And another important thing being Fuchsia, which is Google’s new operating system that is yet in development. Some news and announcements about Google Duo, which recently crossed 1 billion downloads, and Google teased its web version

Google Pixel 4, and a plan for products wide dark mode is also anticipated.

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