Google I/O 2019 Begins Next Week What to Expect

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Google I/O is the Google’s annual developer conference, that is usually held in May every year. Like every year Google will showcase it’s latest developments, talk about software for foldable form factor in Android. Sundar Pichai will deliver the opening keynote for Google I/O.Google

I/O will take place from 7th to 9th May. The dates were made available months ago, in a unique style of #Google . #Googlers put up a riddle that upon being solved gave us the dates and the venue for the event. The first person to solve the riddle each year recieved free tickets for the Google I/O Keynote. The tickets for the event, sold very quickly.

The event has it’s own schedule, and Google lately has done some changes and additions to the schedule of major events across the 3 day period. Google will discuss #AI , ML, #Android , #Fuchsia and many more things. Even though Google I/O is a more of a software event we may expect some kind of news or information about the Google Pixel 3a. Which is the leaked Google’s budget smartphone, tipped to be launched In May itself.

Android Q will also have it’s beta being showcased at the event. Last year Google showed it’s gesture navigation at the Google I/O 2018 with the Beta of Android Pie. This year more people are interested in what would be the name for Android Q than the features it will pack.

Google has earlier also told that they would make software foldable form factor compliant. This means that phones like #Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, who would have 2 different aspect ratios for a single device will have some support baked into the base of the Google’s software.

It would be interesting to see what Software works is Google carrying out for it, and how Google will support it. This newer form factor opens the doors for lots of software innovations possible. Google is also expected to open up the Android Q beta program to more smartphones at Google I/O. This is something that started last year with Android P, where it launched the beta for a number of other devices from other manufacturers. 

Google is also improving upon Chrome, chrome is one the 7 products that Google owns which has more than a billion monthly stuff users, it is what very big and perfect. We can expect some minor improvements with it. Google may also discuss how the web would look like with the folding phones, and how we can ensure sites remain compatible with changing stuff.

What to expect From Google I/O 2019 also includes Google’s less talked Fuchsia. Fuchsia is the new operating system Google has been working on and is based on chrome OS. It probably aims to be a operating system that aims to be common for all form factors. So that it can also provide fluidity in terms of user experience as we see with #Apple products.

Google recently launched it’s Gaming service called #Stadia . It is basically a Cloud GPU system, where any compatible game would be run through Google’s servers, Google’s powerful processors would process it at high quality and send the processed graphics to the device.

This will help people with low specs devices to run any game of there choice without lag. This would also help in instant switching between form factors. You could start a game on one device and finish it on other. Stadia is a nice idea, and Google may present further updates and design iterations to talk about how the progress has been with it.

What to expect from Google I/O 2019 will also include the Google’s AI, Wearables and newer lineups.

For Google I/O you can definitely expect Google to hurry up and release a Pixel-branded Google Wear OS watch for some time now, so this has become a regular section on these lists. While the watch was eventually off the table for 2018, 2019 is seemingly more likely as the year we finally see a Google-built smartwatch.

Google is the biggest name when we talk about AI assistants and Google aims to constantly improve upon it with better algorithms. Google plans for Google Duplex, which is it’s service which make voice calls and do tasks for you. You can ask Google assistant to book a appointment with Barber and it would call the suitable one and do all talking. After call it would report you with all necessary information. It was showcased a year ago and it has generated lot of excitement among people. What to expect from Google I/O will include some kind of Information regarding the same.



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