Google Finally Bringing Color Pop and Bokeh Mode to Google Photos but Where is Obstruction Removal

Google is set to roll out Bokeh Mode and Color Pop in Google Photos. They can be a substitute of Instagram filters if not Photoshop. The App would use AI to make Background either black and white or blur

Google is known for its software, and it is the software that has always made cameras on Pixel phones wonderful. Now we get the news that #GooglePhotos woupd be offering Bokeh Mode and Color Pop features for people besides its some other picture enhancement available in the app.

The date of roll out of the #App is uncertain though we know that it would be available to all phones and would provide the effects even with single camera.

#Bokeh mode will seprate the background from foreground and #blur the background to lay more emphasis on the foreground. Whereas the #ColorPop, would make the background #BlackandWhite.  Both of them would be based on background and foreground distinction so we believe their roll out to similar.

It would be a boon for those who use instagram filters for their photos, which more less are too bad. Okay, Google photos is not #Photoshop so it would not have that level. But it is easy and simple along with better effects thanks to #AI, when compared to most of other apps. And is life saver for those who use #Instagram filters

Though 1 feature we have been missing is Google image Obstruction Removal.

In May 2017 on the Google I/O, Google teased a new concept called Google Image #Obstruction Removal where Google could remove any obstruction from #image like some mesh obstructing the view but after that we never heard about it.

Like it happened with Apple AirPower, we never got some news about the roll out of this concept from #Google. Though this doesn’t necessarily means that Google has abondant it. It can be that Google is still developing it or it can be that Google has forgotten about it. 

Anyways it is a nice update keeping Google Photos ahead of all it’s competition though we would love to hear about age obstructiom again.

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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