Google Discusses Managing SEO over its own 7000 websites

In a rare chat, Google’s high officials have given a glimpse of working and managing software at Google. They have discussed how Google manages it’s own 7,000 websites and does its Search Engine Optimisation.

Google does not give any kind of preferential treatment to any of its own websites.

#Google’s Sean O’Keefe shared some data on the Think With Google blog, and told that Google always loved changes. Rather posting newer and newer content slight changes to existing content is beneficial for #SEO

They talked how the minute details and changes helped them improve SEO and rank higher and have high conversions in case of Google My Business. Things as simple as fixing Google Search Coverage issues, and adding canonical URLswere done.

Google also recommended that webmasters do not fear making changes to their sites. Google gave AMP and Progressive Web Apps, both Google-backed projects, as two examples of changes Google embraces.

Google also very well stated that images are important, people love visualcontent, and they also told that besides the Alt text and standardised format the image URL is important. If your site has the url of images change quickly then you should create redirects for it. Else it shall lead to loss of rankings.

And any image with changed URL will be treated as a new image and would have to make its way in ranking again from scratch. Google also does not like stock photos. Though they look good, but because too many sites use them, they feel duplicates, and as people don’t like duplicate content, #Search Engines also put duplicate content in rankings. And a we discussed earlier it is true for not just media but for your posts also. You need to remember this for SEO

You have to use canonical URLs if you have more than 2 indexed URLs with similar content, so that Google knows which one should it prefer.

they do it just like any other SEO, reading external guidelines and advice. They have no special access to or insightfrom the Google search team. This means that the algorithmthat Google uses to decide ranks of pages, and is the base of all SEO, is not available to Google’s own employees also. It is public that Google likes fast pages, and images and quality content and back links, but the extent of there impact and a total list of all there factors is not known. We have a hazy picture from a lot of time back, but for many years now Google has kept the various factors and there impact on SEI private

Only few bunch of people within Google know it, this ensures the sites that Google itself owns do not get any preferential treatment and also that if they tell the recipe to managers of 7000 sites, then they would be risking there information getting leaks from any of those 7000 people.Thanks for Reading

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player 5th October, 2019

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