Google Analytics Explained: It’s Benefits and How To Use It

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Google analytics is what is the go to when you want to monitor stats and improve your website with relevant information. Take it like this say you write articles about variety of stuff but you see that 80% of vistors are male, this means you need to have content that is more aligned to males

Google analytics will provide you these variety of content, they can divide visitors on bases of age, gender, operating system, form factor etc. Also it can recommend some improvements, like if your website performs slow at a given device size then it will let you know. Once you signup for Analytics, they would ask you to verify your ownership of website by adding DNS record to your website.

Though if you have already signed up for Google Search Console,then you can mark it Analytics property from settings and it is done.

Once done it would get activated in few hours time though usually it happens in few minutes in most cases. Once done with it you have to add a JavaScript code to your website pages, manually doing it can be waste of time, instead you should use plugin Insert Headers and Footers to add the code to your wordpress website. To get the code go to analytics settings and in account settings select js tracking, and get the code. If you don’t know how to install wordpress plugin Install Plugins

Though google recommends adding the code in header of website, but we recommend adding in Footer for it is better for performance, copy the code of js tracking and paste it in footer of the website with plugin Insert Headers and Footers we just talked anout recently, and it is done.

Now Google Analytics will track your views tell you most popular times of website, tell what is your bounce rate, impressions and variety of other stuff that can really help you make your website analytics great and help improve it.

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