Most Beautiful Game of 2019 has Released , Delta Squad Is Back, GEARS 5 IS HERE!!!

On september 10, 2019 the most awaited and one of the most beautifulgame of 2019 was released, “GEARS OF WAR 5″. Microsofts gears of war 5 is simply called as ” GEARS 5″. When asked about this he simply said that most people just ignore the “of war” part so they made it simple. It is a sequel of GEARS OF WAR 4 , if you have not played gears4 then no problem, gears 5 gives you a recap of everything that happened in gears 4. You can play gear 5 multiplayer also.
After the events of gears 4 , marcus and others are given their ranksback along with kait who is a corporal now.
They are now the new delta squad, they goes to azura to launch a hammer of dawn prototype to connect to hammer of dawn network to use it against swarm.Despite Swarm resistance, the launch successful and they return to the COG capital, New Ephyra, but find out from Baird that he still cannot locate the other satellites. Jinn finds out about the launch and orders them not to restore the network, since it would go against the wishes of the late Anya Stroud, who had decided to permanently decommission the Hammer of Dawn. Jinn then receives word that Settlement 2 is under attack and sends JD’s squad to assist the evacuation. Accompanying them in defending the settlement are Cole, Clayton Carmine, his niece Lizzie, and Fahz, JD and Del’s former squad mate who was involved in a massacre at Settlement 2 that spurred them to desert the COG. The incident in question involved Fahz ordering a squadron of DB’s to fire on protesting Settlement 2 citizens. In a heated moment during the fighting, Fahz reveals to Del that he was only following JD’s orders, causing Del and Kait to lose trust in JD. As the Swarm attacks intensify and threaten to destroy the evacuation convoy, JD orders Baird to fire the Hammer of Dawn prematurely. While the Swarm forces are annihilated, the Hammer of Dawn malfunctions and begins firing wildly. JD saves a group of civilians trapped in a damaged Minotaur but is badly injured after failing to save Lizzie from being killed by the Hammer Strikes.

Four months later, Kait and Del arrive at an Outsider village situated in the skeletonof the Riftworm in an effortto convince them to join the COG. The village chief, Kait’s Uncle Oscar, refuses to join, but the village is suddenly attacked by the Swarm. During the battle, Kait is snatchedand begins experiencing vivid visions of the Swarm, including witnessing Oscar’s death at the hands of a Swarm Warden before escaping. COG reinforcements led by JD, who is now a Captain, and Fahz then arrive to evacuate the village. Kait tells everybody about her visions, and Marcus recommends she head to a secret lab at New Hope to the north to find answers, with Del deciding to accompany her against JD’s objections. As theyreach the lab, Marcus explains that the chief scientist, Niles Samson, had been experimenting on the children of humans suffering from Imulsion poisoning. They find clues leading them to Mount Kadar, a former Locust stronghold.

Kait and Del continue on to Mount Kadar, where they find another secret COG lab hidden beneath the ice. There, they find Niles still alive as an AI construct and uncover the frozen remains of COG soldiers and Locust. Niles explains to them that the Locustwere the result of his secret genetic experiments, by manipulating the DNA of children infected with Imulsionand hybridizing them with the indigenous creatures of the Hollow.He also reveals that Queen Myrrahwas originally a human who possessed a complete immunity to Imulsionand could control the Locust due to her genetics being used to create the Locust. However, she became vengeful when her new-born daughter, Reyna, Kait’s mother, was spirited out of the lab by Reyna’s father, ultimately leading the Locust to rebelagainst the scientists and gain their independence. Kait panics when she realizes she is the next Locust Queen, and demands that she be separated from the Swarm’s hivemind. Niles puts Kait in a special brain scanning machine connected to a dormant Berserkerknown as the Matriarch, which successfully severs Kait from the hivemind but also resurrects Reyna in the process as her consciousness still resides in the hivemind. Niles then attemptsto flee and reveals his intentions of letting the swarmfinish what the Locust started, reviving several dormant Locust and Sires in an attempt to kill them. Niles is ultimately destroyed by the revived Matriarch and Kait and Del manage to kill it before escaping the facility. Realizing Reyna is now the new Swarm Queen, Kait reaffirms the COG’s need to reactivate the Hammerof Dawn.

Sometime later, Baird takes the group to Vasgar, where the Union of Independent Republics’ secret space program was located. Baird reunites with his former squadmate Paduk who is now the leader of a group of nomads surviving in the desert. Paduk reveals that the UIR had a rocket loaded with Hammer of Dawn satellites ready to launch, a fact both the COG and UIR kept secret from the public. He also reveals that the Swarm have recently become moreorganized and have developed new weapons and armor. Realizing that the #Swarm’s increased intelligence is the result of Reyna’s resurrection, Kait, Del, and Baird resolve to reactivate the Hammer of Dawn as soon as possible.JD and Fahz also arrive to help Kait, with JD apologizing for his past behavior. The squad manage to assemble and launch the rocket and acquire targeting beacons to help control the Hammer of Dawn despiteSwarm resistance, though they are soon confronted by massive Swarm creature known as the Kraken.The group barely manages to escape when Paduk picks them up in a Raven and flies them home.Upon returning to New Ephyra, the group makes plans to launch the Hammer of Dawn. However, Jinn attempts to arrest Kait, planning to forcibly connect her to the hivemind in an attempt to control the Swarm. Kait’s friends intervene to stop Jinn when the Swarm attacks New Ephyra. The Gears attempt to set up UIR targeting beacons to provide target data to the Hammer of Dawn, but the Kraken destroys the beacons. Queen Reyna then appears and attacks Kait, JD, and Del, leaving Kait with the choice of saving either JD or Del, leaving Reyna to kill the other. Kait and the survivor fight their way back to their friends but are soon confronted by the Kraken. Using one of Baird’s large mechs, Cole holds off the Kraken while the other Gears fall back to New Ephyra’s outer wall. The remaining Gears attempt to fight off the Kraken and are soon overwhelmed until the squad’s robotic companion Jack, destroys the Kraken by using itself as a targeting beacon for the Hammer of Dawn, sacrificing itself in the process. In the aftermath, Marcuswarns Kait that Queen Reyna will return, with Kait remarking that they will find her first before discardingher mother’s Locust#necklace.
The GEARS 5 is all about kaits and her family’s origin and stopping ghe war. Fans of GEARS series already know about the sad and intensestory but new comers should also try previous games.
Gears 5 is the most beautiful game of 2019 , graphics are amazing and story is a great mixture of mystery , action ,intens moments , sacrifice and everhthing that you could dream of. Gears 5 has released and you should try it and i am sure you will fall in love with the series.

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