Fuchsia Explained: How Google’s New Operating System will Reimagine Software

Google the tech giant has Android as one of its biggest products. It has more than 1 Billion monthly active users and is the most popular platform for phones.

But Unlike Apple, Google has not got much success in terms of wearable OS, tablets and specially not in laptops and desktops. The major reason is that Chrome Os and Android do not unite smoothly.

Google is planning a newer operating system with the name “#Fuchsia” It would be a unified #OS running on various form factors. And would be smoothly integrating the various devices. It wants to bring a user experience that people have with #iMessage on Apple.

This newer operating system is still in development and still years away from reaching in hands of public. It would be a substitute to the Android in future

They want to insure that users can do whatever they want to do, on whichever device they want to do, and then simultaneously shift between different form factors.

It’s interface would be a mix of #ChromeOS and Android. It would be Open Source project similar to #Android. Even though the software is not ripe now, but if you may like to try it then you can use it on Google’s #Pixelbook

Design asthetic is also taken into consideration. The #MaterialDesign 2.0 styles can be seen extensively, making it more beautiful, but the key focus still remains over functionality

They want to do what Apple did with integrating #iOS and #MacOS X Mojave. There is a distinct boundry between pixelbook and phones. They want to blur that line of distinction.

It seems ironical that Google is software company and has #software expertise more than Apple and Microsoft both. But still #Apple and #Microsoft both have accomplished it really quick.

But #Google is going to get it done way better than Apple and Microsoft. They are going to use a card based interface. Where every app is placed in form of cards. More than one app can also be placed in a card. Allowing #apps to look same at different platforms, and as multiple apps can be placed in single #card. But it will help you #multitask.

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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