Failing Tesla: This time Tesla Model S Summon Crashed

Elon Musk’s Tesla promised improvements with the Summon after the recent two crashes. Though now a Tesla Model S has crashed due to summon.

Mangesh Gururaj’s wife was to bring children from maths class when she used the summon feature of Tesla #ModelS, that drives the car out of garage when the car bumped into the wall causing lot of damage, no human was injured.

Summon is basic feature, while more complicated being Autopilot. Autopilot steers the car automatically, with driver doing nothing much.

This shall reduce the confidence of Gururaj family over it, who lives in North Carolina.

Mr. Gururaj criticized #ElonMusk’s #Tesla that they had many a times earlier trusted their lives over Tesla, now that trust is broken. There was no injury during the incident but Mr. Gururaj explained that it could have been a kid that the car had not noticed and had #crashed into same

There are many possibilities. Okay we get it that Tesla Autopilot is a Level 2 autonomous driving system, and it is not 100% functional. I get it that autopilot failing on highways at high speeds is something that would solve with time as the code improves. That is why they ask drivers to be ready to take over anytime. For the highway stories I support Tesla. But Summon is something that happens at speed less than 10 miles. And when the surroundings are static, though gap between surroundings may be less but there is nothing that is moving inside garage and still these #Crashes

It was a really small task as compared to what Tesla #Autopilot does. I think the Tesla Summon should be something that should be taken back, not because it failed but because #Summon means that there is no Driver sitting in the car when it moves out of garage, though distance it travels is not more than 20 feet but still it is inconsistant, a feature where Tesla comes out of Garage when driver is sitting inside car can be though of but this is a serious failure.

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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