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Personal Life

Personal Life

Elon had got over with his 8 year relationship with Justine, during the financial crisis in 2008. Justine had given birth to twins in 2004, and triplets in 2006. Both of them share the custody of there children. Elon tries to give time to his kids, even in his tight schedule.

After there split they haven’t talked about each other much. For over 1 year, when he got up from crisis, he kept away from personal life. In 2010, he started dating British actress Talulah Riley. Talulah and Musk announced end of there relationship in 2012. Though Elon said that he would keep loving her.

They remarried in 2013, and soon Elon filed for divorce, though soon it was withdrawn. It was clear that there relationship was in trouble, and what was happened was as expected, another divorce was filed, this time around it was filled by Talulah.

Musk began his next relation with Amber Heard in 2016, and ended it up in 2017. He started dating with Canadian Musician Grimes, though we have not got to hear much about the relationship till now.

Corporate Life

He has been used to handling criticism, to a extent that multi-billionaires, fear him. Recently Warren Buffet, taunted about way he manages his business, Elon rebutted by jokingly stating, that he was super super serious about starting a candy company.

Warren Buffet, faced serious trolls after it, and probably keep his mouth shut. Elon who is younger than Buffet, and also has less net worth and experience, but still Warren Buffet would  be fearful of Elon.

Just recently 2 Tesla’s met with a accident, and got covered on front page on newspapers, with click-baity statements. Thousands of accident throughout year don’t get covered and this got covered on first page, also it was suprising that a crash of car at 60mph crashes into truck, and driver just faced minor leg injuries.

This can be considered as a positive aspect and new standard of car safety also, though doubt accident should be regretted but this point was never covered.

Elon didn’t like that without clarifications about Autopilot being engaged before accident how can, news headlines state something like ‘tesla with autopilot’ he believed this to be done simply to attract more visitors, he believed that media has lost it’s purpose.

He decided to start a website to rate news anchors, editors, websites etc, these rating would be done by general public. He named it Pravduh. Pravduh.com is in development and Elon believes that these ratings would help rectify the spoiled media and bring it back to point where intent is to cover news, rather than gain visitors.

Unified Field Theory

Elon has his own ways of doing thing, and he believes in challenging Status Quo. He has believed in his own Theory, ‘Unified Field Theory’ this states that businesses should be such that they compliment each other, and Elon has it widely applied in his businesses. Tesla makes Solar panels to power SpaceX and SpaceX will make rockets for Roadster in 2020. Tesla will manufacture electric pods for Boring Company. This helps to take leverage of each thing. He opens a new company to tackle any problem that his existing company may be facing

Elon is changing the way we live our life, and is shaping our future, with these many innovative ideas. He wants to reach mars, give humanity pollution free life, travel through world at an unbelieveable speed. He wants to bring AI in our life. May God help him achieve his ambitions

Best Of Luck, Elon Musk

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