Elon Time: Explained Managing Multiple Businesses Tesla, SpaceX, Boring Company


Elon Musk, is commonly known for missing deadline, and he calls himself to be having problem with punctuality, but here is explanation for the famous Elon time.

Elon beleives in sending goals unrealistically. Setting up unrealistic goal does not mean being stupid, but it drives people to be more productive. When someone work for unrealistic goals, you are for aure going to miss them, but setting realistic goals will bound your growth, unrealistic goals ensure that to achieve those goals yoy work to your full capacity.

Unrealistic goals as considered by most lead to negativity, but my perspective is it doesn’t. When Mahatma Gandhi set the goal to attain independence, it was impossible to imagine that for Indians. Same was the case with Martin Luther King. Civil rights were something blacks could not believe

Elon with his Elon time is doing something similar, with his dream to reach mars by 2024, which is far ahead anyone else. The result of this unrealistic goal is the lead that they gain in the competition. They have there falcon heavy which is far ahead in there competition. They are able to gain lead in reusability. There Falcon 9 Block 5 can be used 10 times with minor checks each time, and upto 100 times by slight checks.

The basic thing is that the Elon Time is not about a goal, it is a method to improve people, make people work and perform to there fullest.

Let’s implement this in real life, lets insure that like Elon we set unrealistic goals, we may or may not accomplish them, but for sure we would perform than any realistic goal.

An engineer named Steve Davis was asked to build “an actuator that would trigger the gimbal action used to steer the upper stage of [the first SpaceX rocket] Falcon 1.” So Davis goes to contractors who tell him they can build one … for $100,000. Musk laughs. “That part is no more complicated than a garage door opener,” he tells Davis. “Your budget is $5,000. Go make it work.” And Davis does, for $3,900. That’s the beauty. 

“I don’t ever set intentionally impossible goals,” Musk says. “But I’ve certainly always been optimistic on time frames.”

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