Elon Musk’s Unified Field Theory: Manage Multiple Businesses

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“Elon Musk”, Billionaire CEO of SpaceX, Tesla, Solarcity, OpenAI, Neuralink, Boring Company etc. has been famous for his, strategy to manage businesses. He has his simple way of managing and deciding businesses strategy to start. His way also helps both companies in their growth.His method is called “Unified Field Theory”. This method also reduces work load, and helps manage and prosper both businesses. His method is simple in theory, but it is hardly taken care off, when deciding which business to start next.

His method says you should have businesses that can provide an external support to each other. To give example of “Elon Musk” himself, SpaceX launches satellites for Tesla, that allow Tesla to provide user navigation services, and SpaceX uses batteries manufactured by Tesla to power there system. He finds out any difficulty he faces in any of his business, and if unable to solve it he starts a whole company on it.

Like he felt it was difficult to commute from Tesla to SpaceX headquarter, day in and day out. So he started a company called “Boring Company”, and it is not ‘boring’ it here means tunnel boring machines. It is building tunnels called “Hyperloops” that would use electric energy (again provided by Tesla) to move cars in pods at speed of over 250km/hr consistently, and energy efficiently. And though it has yet to have it’s first tunnel fully functional, it has been highly highly profitable for the man.

Similarily he started company called “OpenAI” to keep a check over AI as main motive but he also uses it to make AI algorithms for the Autopilot of Tesla’s Model S,X,3. Often times we see profit opportunity as factor for starting new company, though this is way you should decide your new venture, and be efficiently and profitable in running both.

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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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