Earn A Lot Of XP Before This Bug Is Gone.. IN FORTNITE CHAPTER 2..!!!!

With the news update epic games changed a lot of things in FORTNITR CHAPTER 2 and main center of attraction for players is its NEW AND HUGE MAP but there is new thing going in fortnite, there is a bug that grants players a lot of XP for doing just NOTHING.

It was noticed that a bug grants players 2000XP JUST FOR CROSSING A FEW BRIDGES…!!!!!!!.

This exploit revolves around the 4 bridges seen in the picture below. If you cross any one of them you will get 2000XP and if you cross all four you will get 8000XP. This can be done in each match. This new bug acts as the new XP #FARM IN THE GAME.

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Assuming this to be a bug don’t #expect this to last #long . But as long as it is there use it as a pit stop to #gain XP by visiting one bridge or all 4 of them. You have to remember that this bug might have already got #noticed by players so these bridges gets turned into a #WARZONE . So be careful.

As you all know exploiting a bug is against EPIC GAMES RULES AND YOU CAN BE BANNED but this is not harmful so it is not against the rules that players agree to but epic can still take action against you but I think that it would be pointless to #ban a player for such a #harmless bug.


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