What’s Wrong With 5G Network | Problems and Risk

If you ever have taken interest in technology, then 5G is the new hot topic. 5G the next iteration to networking shall promise better performance. But here’s What’s wrong with 5G networks in 2019.

5G is getting a lot of hype right now. We all have 4G right now, which is 4th generation of wireless network technology. 5G is the 5th generation of wireless network technology and all are curious of building 5G technology now. The main theme of 5G is again speed.

Speed thrills but kills… 5G has a lot to offer, but the fruit isn’t ripe yet. Even when telecom providers are targeting times as less as 12 months from now, there are a lot of things that come under What’s Wrong With 5G Network’s Speed, Reliability, Accessibility and usability

Each new generation of the wireless network are significantly faster and more capable than the previous. We all have 2G,3G,4G which are good at their places but 5G is somehow better than them. 5G represent another step forward.

Countries like USA and Canada are already testing the 5G towers, but developing countries like India will have lot of trouble in developing.

Specially talking about india the 2G subscriber base accounts for 70% of India’s mobile users just over 2 year ago, which shrank to under 58%in November 2018 and analysis expect them to completely disappear by 2021. In contrast, the combined 4G user base of Vodafone Idea (VIL), Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio Infocomm jumped almost 85% to 432.5 million on January 1 from a year earlier.

What’s Wrong with 5G for Developing Countries

Continuing the talk about how 4G changed the game in developing countries, let’s discuss India in detail.

In India, there exist 3 networks mainly, Jio, Airtel, Vodafone.

  1. Jio reported a 75% jump in customer base at 280.1 million, accounting for about 65% of the total. VIL’s and Airtel’s 2G user base shrank 11% and 22.5% to 279.3 million and 176.71 million, respectively, in this period. We estimate India’s entire mobile population to go 4G in two years, given the wealth of affordable smartphones in the market coupled with the fact that data rates at a GB a day for $1.4 (Rs 100) are perhaps the cheapest anywhere in the world, a scenario also complimented by availability of rich online content,” Nitin Soni, director (corporates) at global rating company Fitch, told ET. Company data reveals that 3G customer additions for VIL and Airtel are drying up, with 4G users making up about 70% and 72% of their mobile broadband users, respectively, in the quarter ended December. So, for using 5G you need 5G device,5G radios and 5G networks. Many companies updating their softwares from 4G to 5G.
  2. Many ideas have also been created regarding it. It is therotical about the speed of 5g. But a comparision can be made. Like a HD movie can be downloaded on 3g in 24 hours and same movie in 4g in 6 minutes but the same movie in 5g would be downloaded in 3.5 sec . You can download good quality of games like PUBG mobile and fortnite in very less time.
  3. The point here is that developing countries like India love speed. But they also love cost. They want the best bang for the buck. 5G will not reach most of the developing nations if it’s costly.  What’s Wrong With 5G Network in developing nations, is the need for more land. 5G needs towers to be at really short distances, much shorter distances than 4G. This means there is more need for land, and in population dense contries where we can’t find place to stand, it would be difficult to find land to put more towers.
  4. ButWhats wrong with 5G, the rates that are going through for 4G right now would have a great boost at the time of 5G. This may not allow villagers or BPL’s to use it more consistently. This was the same condition during 3G but decreased gradually. If a new system has to be started specially in a country like India than It should be easily accessible, cost efficient and keen knowledge of that system should be given to the folks. These conditions may not apply in country like USA but it still appears in India. But one thing that 5G need not be used from space satellite but can be directly used from special towers.

But What’s the Difference Between 4G and 5G

On comparing 4G and 5G, 5G is approximately 10 times faster than 4G when you are standing near the towers at perfectly ideal conditions, good weather. The response time which is also called latency , in 4G it was 0.045 sec but in 5g it would be of 0.001sec.  It includes the time in which you write something on the browser and send it to the server. But what is the main use of this 5g. just only to view videos or something else These are specially helpful in autonomous cars, smart home, etc. Because during the ride of autonomous car the latency should be that fast that no accidents could happen.  Mainly  this is  helpful in the in internet of things or thing that only work on internet. 

5G networks will be vital for supporting the growing demand for mobile video. But 5G’s unparalleled data capacity, speed and low latency will also help to enable a new breed of immersive entertainment, thanks to technologies like VR and AR. These technologies are already helping to boost the fan experience in sports and other live events with innovations such as AR games and interactive game day programmes, while VR is helping to recreate the live experience for those at home and on mobile devices. 5G will enable more innovations in this area.

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The next thing is the set up of the 5g. During the time of shift of 4g from 3g the telecom operators don’t have to do much things just upgrading the old towers.  But 5g would be much complex, much expensive and time consuming setup  would be there.

As the spectrum or the waves that were used to transfer signals during 3g and 4g  was between 3 kHz to 6 GHz. But 5g would run between 30GHz to 300Ghz. But the main problems regarding this spectrum is that it can not travel far away.

For example 3g and 4g from one base station can travel upto 30km but the new 5g would travel only upto 300m. This simply means that mini base stations need to be put after every 300m.

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When you stand near 5G tower approximately 100 feet away from 5G cell tower, you can get a very fabulous data speed but things like trees, towers, houses may block the high speed network of 5G as frequency is high and range is comparatively less. Even the things like rain also block good quality of signals Speed slows down very much when you are not standing near the pole or behind some block.

Their are some problems which will a person face while using 5G smartphones like heating of phone, battery problem and upload problems. Since you are using 5G network but uploads from your mobile is still takes place in 4G network’s speed. Some smartphones face problem of battery and heat

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Google Stadia

Stadia is an upcoming cloud gaming service operated by Google. It is said to be capable of streaming video games up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second with support for high-dynamic-range, to players via the company’s numerous data centers across the globe, provided they are using a sufficiently high-speed Internet connection. It will be accessible through the desktop Google Chrome web browser, on smartphones, smart televisions and tablets, or through Chromecast.

The problem like earlier is that as it is the technological upgrade, we would need different hardware also, if we have to be able to use 5G. We can’t simply push a simply software update to get it done.

Right now, the 5g phones available in market are really less.

Internet speed requirements

Stadia will require at least 10 Mbit/s for 720p 60 FPS Stereo, 20 Mbit/s for 1080p HDR Video 60 FPS 5.1 Surround, and 35 Mbit/s for 4K HDR Video 60 FPS 5.1 Surround. And added to that 5G can take this to next level for sure.

Latency which is defined as the delay in between sending and receiving signals between the host and the device is also going to see amazing improvements. Currently the 4G networks in perfect environment can give 50ms delay, which means it shall take about 50ms for data to reach you. 5G promises that the delay can be as less as 1ms.

Latency is important, the lesser the latency the better it is. The improvement in latency shall be especially helpful for gamers, because few ms gap can cause them to loose the game. As a result 5G is a gift of good. But we need to remember as 5G has shorter coverage area, the latency shall increase by a large margin as we move small distances. Your mileage can vary based on device and distance from tower.

Whats wrong with 5g network is that it is difficult to explain  even by many people because new technologies are coming everyday. Like massive memo and beamforming are  being created so that these short length wavelength could be  concentrated in a particular direction which can travel a longer distance.

These technologies are a part of 5g which are being evolving. Many test have been going on and the speed that is supposed is 15-20GB/ s  or more. Approximately in 2021 the infrastructure work would be started in it would take appx 2-3 years long.

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In India, 81 crore people use mobile phones and 55 crore people use mobile data. According to the certain report of 2017 , a person approximately use 11gb of data per month and this range is increasing day by day. By playing 1 hour of online games person use 20 mb of data, by listening a song online person use 5 mb of data, by using YouTube or Netflix or some else high resolution video website person use  300-400  mb of data and by mailing a letter person use 50kb of data.

Change from 3G to 4G

A more complex answer is that a 4G wireless network is a pure data connection: that is, it is an end-to-end Internet Protocol connection. This provides some real advantages, but also some disadvantages. On the one hand, a smartphone simply becomes another data device whose native mode is as an Internet-enabled terminal and that can be managed as such.

On the other hand, services such as voice require some additional machinations to support effectively. Since voice is not intrinsically data-centric and must be converted to data before it can be transferred, voice-capable LTE handsets have been slow in coming. But 4G was really a big change in this world from 3G. It was great because of few things like cost efficient, accessible and was promoted a lot.


Different generation of networks that is 1G,2G,3G,4G and 5G.

5g To Transforms Lives 1760x880


It only help in making calls. The mot basic but was a little spark for the future of network. We can’t deny the fact that it was important for the development of the network and communication. Because of it only we could only be able to use 5G in later stage.


It help in making calls, text messages and very slow speed of internet. It’s not enough with 2G. So, this world need more good network that is 3G.


It help in making good quality calls,text messages and internet speed from 200kbps to few mbps. Still it lacked in many things. We move fro3G to 4Gm 3G because that’s also not enough for present world and then 4G comes.


It help in calls, text messages and internet speed scaling upto hundreds of megabits and even gigabite-level speeds. This is the current network used by majority of people in the world. This is very good network. We can make video calls and even play online games very easily. This is enough but we need more speed . Lots of devices are coming with more speed. Every thing like TV becoming smarter, refrigerator becoming smarter. So, mobile network also need to be smarter. So, a smarter generation of wireless network technology that is 5G. But it was a turning point for the world of communication. And we should be very thankful for it.

Electromagnetic Spectrum


It also helps in calling, text messages,greater speed (to move more data), lower latency(to be more responsive),the ability to connect to more device at once(for sensors and smart devices),downloading speed increases 10 to 20 times than we have now.

Our current mobile network are using low frequency waves. It can carry less information, it can travel long distances, 1 tower is enough to provide enough coverage to a large area, if there are more people using the network the performance of the network will be reduced because low frequency waves cannot carry much data.

5G technology use high frequency waves also known as millimetere waves. It can carry huge amount of information, it can travel short distances, objects like trees, buildings can block these waves. So, the 5G network will consist of many small base stations to help signal to reach everywhere. Because we need to install small small stations to increase the range, the process is very expensive and it’s likely that the 5G will be launched inside urban areas and densely populated areas. In remote villages and places, it may take more time to reach.

There are many applications of 5G in the modern world like: 

1. It helps in self – driving cars when network is stable and fast.

2. It helps in co-ordinating drone with each other

 3. It helps in connecting smart devices like smart watches, smart tv ,etc.

5g Wireless Technology Network Connections By Credit Vertigo3d Gettyimages 1043302218 3x2 100787550 Large


The phones that supports or will support 5G are listed below.

1.      Samsung galaxy s10 5g

2.      Xiomi mi mix 3 5G

3.      Oneplus 5G

4.      Hauwei P30/P30pro 5G

5.      Oppo R15 Pro 5G

6.      Vivo NEX 2 5G

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Issues that are fearing people….


Today many devices that we use emit radiations but these are non ionizing radiation that don’t cause any serious issues to our health. But 5g fortunately is going to have non ionizing radiations. The radiations of 5g cannot penetrate human skin but goes to the middle of the skin as it does not have enough energy. So that’s why it does not cause any change in the DNA so we are safe.

Don’t believe me! Hear the words of experts.

“What they’re really saying is the dose is going to be higher. Theoretically, this is a reasonable question to ask.” – Dr. Novella

But people will still criticize and still be skeptical. You shouldn’t resist yourself from asking the question with merely asserting that there’s a risk. As Novella points out, “We’re still talking about power and frequency less than light. You go out in the sun, and you’re bathed in electromagnetic radiation that’s far greater than these 5G cell towers.”

What’s Wrong with 5G FCC’s words

The FCC—responsible for licensing the spectrum for public use—weighs in as well. Says Neil Derek Grace, a communications officer at the FCC, “For 5G equipment, the signals from commercial wireless transmitters are typically far below the RF exposure limits at any location that is accessible to the public.” The FCC defers to the FDA for actual health risk assessments, which takes a direct, but low-key approach to addressing the risks: “The weight of scientific evidence has not linked cell phones with any health problems.”

At many places in the world 5G is banned due to many problems like some european countries banned 5G from their territories due to health concerns. 5G is a health hazard. Belgia. Government halted a 5G because its a health concern. Several leaders in congress have written to the federal communications commision expressing concern about potential health risks and in Mill Valley,California, the city council blocked the deployment of new 5G wireless cells.

Scientists will continue to test new networks as technology evolves, to make sure the technology we use every day remains safe. As recently as February, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal critiqued the FCC and FDA for insufficient research into the potential risks of 5G. As the NTP study shows, research into radiation risks is difficult and often inconclusive, meaning it can take a long time to make real progress.

But for now, everything we know about 5G networks tells us that there’s no reason to be alarmed. After all, there are many technologies we use every day with a substantially higher measurable risk. And as Dr. Novella says, “With 5G the hazard is low—but non-zero—and the actual risk appears to be zero. We’ve picked up no signal in the real world.”

What We Know About 5G & Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF)

The rise of 5G technology will usher in even more wireless devices, not only cellphones and tablets but smart appliances and autonomous vehicles as well. Having 5G means the wireless network can accommodate more users without the speeds slowing down. This also means users are more exposed to harmful electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation that is emitted by these gadgets, not to mention, the 5G towers itself.

Industry proponents of 5G technology argue that the EMFs are on a safe level, noting that the radiation exposure is minimal and that the devices are safe.

A $25 million study from the National Toxicology Program (NTP), however, suggests otherwise. The preliminary results of the study found a link between cell phone radiation and cancer. For two years, scientists exposed the rats to 9 hours of radiation everyday in 10-minute intervals. They found that there was an increased incidences of rare brain and heart tumors, at about the federally allowable level of cellphone radiation for brain exposure. True, lets hope your exposure is considerably less than the above, but you get the point.

Next Steps in EMF Research

The NTP study, according to the American Cancer Society, marked “a paradigm shift in our understanding of radiation and cancer risk.” It might have reopened the debate on the potential harmful effects of cellphone radiation on people’s health.

Wireless-safety advocates reiterated that there is a need for more research before Americans can start using 5G as there are serious concerns about consumer health safety. For now, they are pushing for the use of protective products such as cases and headsets that will limit the gadget user’s exposure to radio-frequency radiations.



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