Definite and Indefinite Thinkers Finite and Infinite Players

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So we discussed 3 types of thinkers and 2 types of Players. I have already stated that the first step is to Decide the goal. How do you decide the goal, well if you have a life goal still think about it, it’s a question of your life.. Choose wisely.

What is a life goal? A life goal is something that you love to do. Something you love to do in your free time. Even if it’s playing video games, find something that you truly love, and if you think you have found it, just do an experiment try doing it just for one week. Doing it 10hrs a day.

At the end of the week just think if you can do it for another week. Or if you can’t do that, then just observe your life. What is the one thing for you which you crave 5 minutes more. When the time is up, you want to do it for 5 more minutes, just a little more.

And the best way to that is be a Zero #Thinker. We discussed Zero thinker, explore the world, do new things do experiment, and explore the world doesn’t mean go for hunting in jungles, it’s just keep trying some new things, try cooking someday, try going office from different route, try learning a new language.

Try watching cartoons someday, #enjoyment and #fulfillment doesn’t come from money you just need to find some fun things. Do exploration, discover the world, discover yourself.

A Zero Thinker, is not usually a part of a game, a Zero thinker’s job is just to think and explore the world, he is not a part of the game with respect to The Zero thought process. He can be in many other games, but he a Zero thinker does not play any game.


Indefinite Thinker Infinite PlayerDefinite Thinker Infinite Player
Indefinite Thinker Finite PlayerDefinite Thinker Finite Player

It’s obvious that Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player is really powerful, but it’s not that success comes to only them. It’s just that you can easily gain more success and go far it’s just better and more wise choice to be Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player.

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player

An Indefinite Thinker is a person who thinks out of the box and is creative, artists are really creative. They can make anything from a sunset scene to a simple mountain, literally anything, it’s just there thought process, was far more amazing.

Every other painter must have drawn a sunset scene but the drawing of each artist differs from another artist. Artists do already existing things but each artist did it in different ways. 

They mostly are finite players. Once a #poet writes the book, he never writes a Version 2.0 of the poem. He can write till infinity but he more often than not will not work on the same thing till Infinity.

Ok, I agree that it’s not a compulsion for an artist to be an Indefinite Thinker and Infinite Player, I personally consider myself Indefinite Thinker, and as an Indefinite Thinker I know it’s surely possible, for an artist to be infinite player. Anything is possible, but lately I have found artists and writers and people with similar work to be infinite thinker and finite player.

Take this book for example. I already to write the book as perfectly as possible. And it’s improbable that there would be any major changes, there would be revised editions, may be we change the cover of book etc. but by the time you are reading this, it has become finite, and now we are probably working on something else, and this book will keep completing it’s motive of motivating people, becoming an eye opener for the general public and then, helping everyone becoming Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player.

Definite Thinker Infinite Player

A Definite Thinker Infinite Player, is someone who does the same thing over and over again. He is considered to be mister consistent. In office you find such guys who work all day Long. You must have seen some sincere hardworking guys who are at the same job profile for many years. 

And what they say is that god will give #reward them at that time. They are infinite players, and they will do hard work till infinity, but they are doing the same thing over and over again. You can’t get different results from doing the same thing over and over again. They very well know it. But they lack Indefinite Thinking.

A Definite Thinker Infinite Player, is really consistent, you can trust him on his work, he is hardworking and sincere. Such people are really trustworthy, and in office, the boss gives the most important work to this guy..

A Definite Thinker, always plays by the rules, and will never try to go off track, and therefore he plays it really safe, if a genuinely Infinite Player, who will work hard till infinite time, then this person in sure to get a good track record and high success rate.

The Indefinite Thinker and Finite Player

This is a group of people who have great thoughts, but the lack of willingness to convert them into something relevant. Before I discovered the concept of Indefinite Thinking, I had an unanswered question in my mind, “Why do one-hit-wonders happen?” 

These are some film stars, singers, musicians and sportsmen, who get success very quickly and then they fade out even quickly. I used to wonder why does this happen. Do they lack talent ? Is there anything wrong with them? Is it a conspiracy? 

Later I researched, discovered, and conceptualized Indefinite Thinking, in most of the cases the answer I found apt was that they are really talented people. But it’s like giving a sword to a kid, it’s improbable that he will be able to use and utilize it in an effective manner. And we rather fear that the child may harm itself with the sword.

Same is the case with those one hit wonders they would be immensely talented and that’s why they grew high, but then they are not very good players, in the computer and the game, they lacked the capability to survive.

Definite Thinkers Finite Players

This is a trap in which the majority of our population lives. These are the people who are bound by the high walls of status quo, they do not want any change they don’t think differently.

These people are safe players and they don’t bet big in fact they would remain satisfied with whatever they want. There is absolutely nothing wrong if you are Definite Thinker Finite Player if your goal is to remain average and be mediocre throughout your life.

If you want to live a normal peaceful life then it is for you, but being a Definite Thinker Finite player, you are bound to be doing the work that millions of other people also do.

Again the motive of this book was to help you become a person capable of changing the world, become a person who makes a infact, someone who brings change in society, the people who move the human race forward.

Now if you read the above 4 carefully, you would have easily understand the fact that it’s not that Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player is the only option to be successful, it all depends on your goal, and what you want to do in life.

Another beautiful thing is that the concept of Indefinite Game Infinite Player perfectly relates with Smart Work and Hard Work. When we use the smart be subconsciously relate with education, but here smart work means just the ability to reach the solution


Indefinite Thinker Infinite PlayerCreative and Perseverant
Indefinite Thinker Finite PlayerCreative but not Perseverant
Definite Thinker Infinite PlayerPerseverant but not creative
Definite Thinker Finite PlayerNot Creative and Not Perseverant


For any Task, there are 3 things: setting mission, planning and execution. The Concept of Indefinite Thinking Infinite Playing talks about making plans and execution.

In order to set the original mission, which is the cause, the purpose or goal of your mission, you need to be Zero Thinker. Zero Thinking is something you can leave if you are sure you have your cause and mission in your life, but a large majority in this world doesn’t know what their mission actually is. 

So in the next chapter we will discuss how to find your passion and/or your mission if you haven’t already. The most difficult part for a Zero Thinker is to be sure that he has found his passion.

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