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Last Seen: May 23, 2024 @ 10:10pm 22MayUTC

Saturday Plans

Saturday plans: Nap all day, party all night... in my dreams. Living the sloth life on Saturdays like...


Desert of Deadlines

When it's Thirsty Thursday, but you're a thirsty llama in a desert of deadlines.

Cute Koala

We’re Getting There!

Hump day got me feeling like a koala trying to climb a tree - lots of effort, minimal progress, but we're getting there!


Embracing the Struggle

Monday: When you're so tired, your coffee needs a coffee just to function. Embracing the struggle, one sip at a time!

Just Keep Swimming!

Twosday: You realize it's only the second day of the week and you're already exhausted. Just keep swimming, it's a marathon, not a sprint!

A Dance in the Sky

As day turns to dusk, the sky becomes a canvas alive with a symphony of colors. Each hue intertwines,


Mystic Ocean

Mystic ocean hums,waves cradle dreams in moon's ballet,surreal tides unfold.


Whispers of Spring: A Symphony of Nature’s Heartfelt Overture

This nature-inspired poem explores the symbiotic dance between the changing seasons and the human spirit. Explore this and many more Creations at Milyin.

Koala-ty Weekend Loading

When you realize it's Friday and the weekend is just a eucalyptus leaf away!



This Haiku envisions the journey of a seed carried by the breeze, capturing the essence of hope, anticipation, and the eventual grounded fulfillment.