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Western Fueled Genocide in Congo

Congo faces a silent genocide fueled by Western demand for its resources, leading to millions of deaths and displacement, with multinational mining companies expIoiting and enslaving people.


Three Identical strangers

Identical triplet brothers, who were separated and adopted at birth, only learned of each other's existence when 2 of the brothers met at a dorm party while attending the same college.

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After losing nearly five former African colonies to Russia,

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Tucker Carlson historic interview with Vladimir Putin.

Tucker Carlson’s 5 Key Takeaways from the Putin Interview: Thanks to Tucker Carlson on this historic interview with Vladimir Putin.

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African Cup Of Nations Final.

#Afcon Finals Nigeria 1:2 Ivory Coast. #Analysis on February 24, 2024. Explore this and many more Creations at Milyin. Discover many more Creations!

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My Ex & Why (Chapter One)

Here is a story from Ate Steph from Philippines about his ex foreigner boyfriend. Stay turned and follow up as to get to the end of this story.