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They swarmed in droves, moving like a herd of cattle fleeing the cracking whip. All one hundred and fifty billion of them — every person who ever walked this Earth. You couldn’t count them all,

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10 Wacky Comics Who Made a Mark as Musicians

Music and satire might seem like totally unique artistic expressions, yet they share a few significant things for all intents and purpose, like their dependence on timing and cadence.


Discovered | Handmade Jewelry and Accessories | Online Store

Discovered | Handmade Jewelry and Accessories | Online Store Absolutely beautiful I got this peridot ring.. it's so so we'll made and beautiful. Fits perfect.

Samsung Showcases 2024 Range Of Ai Enhanced Devices 4 T ‘world Of Samsung

Samsung Showcases 2024 Range of AI-Enhanced Devices at World of Samsung

Universe of Samsung' celebrates how man-made consciousness empowers new associated way of life encounters however Samsung's 2024 product offering upLONDON,

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Ten Actually False Facts from American History

As the years pass, history tends to take on an unmistakable overflow of energy. This prompts the development of well known false impressions in the personalities of general society.

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10 Greatest Movie MacGuffins Of All Time

Alfred Hitchcock gave name to a scholarly and film gadget called a MacGuffin (at times spelled 'McGuffin'), which is any item or gadget that sets off the plot.

10 Facts You Might Not Know About The Nazi’s Atomic Bomb Program (1)

10 Facts You Might Not Know about the Nazi’s Atomic Bomb Program

Of the many 'what-uncertainties' that can be gotten from some information about WWII, one stands apart among the others. Imagine a scenario where the Nazis had atomic bombs.

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New York state sees 8.1% increase in new business applications, new report says

There is a positive sign for the economy and the territory of New York. Another report shows private companies the nation over are blasting,

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Book Review The Iron Crown

Hey I’m back again! It was just a couple days ago that I posted my last review. No, please don’t expect this kind of turnaround from me after today.

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An Avenger A short story by Anton Chekhov

An AvengerA short story by Anton Chekhov SHORTLY after finding his wife _in flagrante delicto_ Fyodor FyodorovitchSigaev was standing in Schmuck and Co.'s, the gunsmiths,