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Website Development For Any Site: Including Social Media Setup and Logo Design

We with help of our friends are launching this course for website development. Open to anyone who may want, we will design the wordpress website as beautiful as it can be.

For those unaware I and my friends @mysticalhopper, @jiten7952, @sgtxgaming and @saksham.milyin7 are the people behind this whole website, web development experts, SEO experts, Photoshop Experts, Graphics Experts all included.

This whole beautiful website was made with just a hosting, with just a hosting we mean we did not spend the smallest buck over plugins or software, we used everything that was free and then invested our years of experience and knowledge to design it. We didn’t even spent on security, because we did it all our selves, we coded it designed it and did everything with our own hands.

The idea was not that we couldn’t do it the other way. But we wanted everything to be unique. We wanted to customize everything for our own site so that it felt the way we want it to be. We leveraged WordPress to its fullest used free themes, and then coded everything, we coded products worth 100s of bucks, so that we can have a customization experience.

We want to bring the same experience for you, we are starting our own program for web designing and web development, for any wordpress website owner, we would be using extensive code of our own to get it done. We would obviously be using WordPress and some amazing plugins also.

The problem with most of the web designers is that they do designing. They design website, but simply a website would take you no where, you have to develop a brand image and lots of stuff.

The greatest thing is that for any website, there are things other than website also, you do social media, you make videos and you also do brand marketing, you require your backlinks (for ranking high in Google) you need your intro track if someday you plan for your YouTube channel. We would be doing Logo designing also. In total, it would not be just a web development, we would be doing everything that you require all in one package. Check this out

The logo in the image, the intro track the music and everything else was all ours.

We will be doing it all. We will make a 10 seconds intro track for you, automatic system to put all your posts on social media as soon as they get published, we would get you backlinks, so that your site can rank higher. Besides our payment, the only thing you require is bare minimum hosting, no plugins, no software required from your side. A cheap Godaddy hosting without SSL certificate will also work, because we would be helping you with SSL Security certificate from our side. And above industry standard promised. We have no special demands, we will get our own code and open source codes to your site, we simply need a hosting and our paycheck

And we promise a load time of around a second. We would be getting a whole team of designers for doing it. And somethings we do better than multi billion dollar websites, for eg. this site has Dark Theme (or night mode whatever be it called). There are only around 400 websites made on wordpress in world, that have a dark mode, and at this site it has been since ages.

we are using the Designing principles and styling as stated in Google’s Material Design Theory. Material Design 2.0 which came out few months ago is what we follow, all our designing is based on the latest transition animations, minimalist designs, box-shadows, well organized menus, taxonomies, clean interface with bright buttons.

Contact us at [email protected], and order as at here

Aditya Agarwal
"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"
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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

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