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Wabi-Sabi The Japenese Art Of Loving Imperfection: Simon Sinek

Wabi-Sabi is a japense concept explaining why we don’t need to be perfect, rather why we shall not even try to even be perfect.

It states that one has to love imperfections, one has to love one self in the way one is. Things that come out if production line are perfect but a Japanese bowl is imperfect. That imperfection gives it it’s value. I got to know about it from Simon Sinek

A typed message is perfect in its font and style, but a bad written note however good or bad your handwritting may be, will be imperfect and that imperfection gives it its value. The story behind this wonderful concept goes as follow

According to Japanese legend, a young man named Sen no Rikyu sought to learn the elaborate set of customs known as the Way of Tea. He went to tea-master Takeeno Joo, who tested the younger man by asking him to tend the garden. Rikyu cleaned up debris and raked the ground until it was perfect, then scrutinized the immaculate garden. Before presenting his work to the master, he shook a cherry tree, causing a few flowers to spill randomly onto the ground.

To this day, the Japanese revere Rikyu as one who understood to his very core a deep cultural thread known as wabi-sabi. Emerging in the 15th century as a reaction to the prevailing aesthetic of lavishness, ornamentation, and rich materials, wabi-sabi is the art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in earthiness, of revering authenticity above all. In Japan, the concept is now so deeply ingrained that it’s difficult to explain to Westerners; no direct translation exists

The thing is that everyone does not need to be perfect. Except yourself the way you are, and understand where your real beauty is. You don’t have to do makeup, to look good, it’s your imperfection without it that shall outshine it. Okay Make up enhances anyone but lack of makeup makes someone unique authentic and orginal.

Okay being perfect is something that everyone wants. But being perfect in every category is something only gods can do. One has to have a unique 

Our society has never understood unconventionality, our society does not respect creativity and uniquiness. But this true only at the innitial stage. Once your uniqueness gets you success eveyone will forget the criticism.

Simon Sinek from whom i got the idea has very well talked about it.

He has presented idea of ‘Start With Why’ which means, in any business you have to start with a ‘why’ or cause, and you have to do marketing about that why only, not what you do. He says, why is the cause, and it cannot be money, money is the result.

You have to have a cause or a purpose for which you work. Simply beating the wall won’t break it, you have to challenge the wall. You have to have a dream and a purpose. The purpose is not earning money. money is the result.

Had happened with Steve Jobs he was a adopted kid born in a not very well off family, and had dropped out of college. He knew that he was unique and any of these factors didn’t bither him. It was his imperfection with which he was born that he ignored and the ability to be a yardstick of perfection in technology that made company he found “Apple” became one of the most valued companies in world and he is considered amongst most successful CEO of all times. Imperfections existed to the largest extent with him, imperfect was his body that was diagnosed with rare pancreatic cancer, but didn’t bother him

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"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"
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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

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