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Tim Cook Entering Apple to Change World with Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs on his mission to make Apple again successful, was working really hard at Apple and Pixar. One thing he was successful in doing after coming back at Apple was to bring back the Apple magic and the same innovative, magical, creative vision.

But he needed faster production and better products coming all so that he can generate more revenue and bring up Apple that was not in good financial condition. Apple had 2 months of computer inventory far more than any other company.

He used to lash any supplier that caused delays due to late shipments. He would abuse them and threaten them to finish there collaboration for smallest delays. While going through various suppliers, he came across Tim Cook, from Compaq Computers.

He wanted to get Just in time factories and, cut time on each work and task. Tim Cook was just the same, they both saw the world quite similarly, and his calm and peaceful personality would be a life saver for Apple employees, as it saved them from there CEO who was popular for lot of tantrums

He played a role of catalyst in speeding up production and handling the manufacturing side. At one point they were in some problem with there Chinese Supplier, Tim Cook unlike his usual nature without showing empathy asked the manager what was he doing here. The manager left immediately for China.

Jobs in the meantime had somewhat settled in Apple. He had become Apple first person rather than #Pixar first. For most people the title of Interim CEO, which for most people was a formality but a big thing for him. Apple had become successful and had the best time in quite some while due to him only.

Steve Jobs was constantly offered Stock options of Apple and was asked for at least a modest share in Apple but he declined and remained on $1 a year salary.

Steve after declining, the offer for almost 2 years was now about to be the #CEO of Apple. He decided that rather than stock options, he would like a #private jet. He was a family guy now, and wanted to have a more comfortable travel. Apple board after some thought approved it off.

Steve Jobs realized that another thing Apple needed was retail stores. Not just stores where multiple computers sell. It needs Apple Stores, unique to Apple. This was because those managers were unaware of the difference and uniqueness of Apple. They didn’t knew its specially and its unique things. As a result they were not conveyed to customer, and for them the cost didn’t get justified.

Steve Jobs wanted to open Apple Retail stores, and he had already started planning over it. He wanted large spacious Apple stores, in rich malls. He wanted single entry doors, and a wide field of view after enterance so that people automatically get to #understand the layout. He also proposed that a large enterance would attract more visitors.

Later on, when after doing the study presented the idea to the board and they disapproved it. Though Steve strongly supported it.

He saw the culture of Gap, where selling in multi retail shops was not a successful strategy. They started there own stores. The #Gap stores exclusively sold there products and Gap products were exclusively sold at there stores. The same #strategy was planned by #SteveJobs.

On 19th May, 2001, the first #Apple store was opened for public in Tyson’s Corner, #Virginia. The store finished all criticisms. There visitors increased at amazing rate. They generated over a billion dollar in the first year, setting newer records for public. And Steve kept working further on to improve its its color and various things. He even liked the idea of Stone finish in its stores


Aditya Agarwal
"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

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