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Steve Jobs Returning Back To Apple with Next Getting Acquired

Steve Jobs aftee getting out of Apple, had his strong dedication and work ethics. He never stepped into Cupertino Campus, untill the day he was called again by Apple.

Steve Jobs, had to do something for his falling NeXT. And Apple was the lifeline. Jobs was pitching to sell NeXT to Apple, as this could be life saver for Apple.

He showed and pitched his software to Armelio, and in passionate modest manner, pitched his whole company and all of its greatness. Apple was impressed.

Later after returning Jobs formulated what could be far more bigger than just a life saver. If Apple buys whole of the NeXT then he would be in Board. And would be few steps away from probably being CEO again.

He was not bothered of money. He stated that it didn’t matter if he didn’t buy a stake in Apple, atleast he can be back to place where he had put up so much effort. Moreover he believed that in Board, he would have a moral headstart in race for CEO.

Amelio called up Jobs to tell that Apple wanted to go with NeXT. He told that he would be proposing purchase of NeXT on the board meeting, and offered Jobs to attend it. He agreed.

That had been a emotional moment when he entered. The feelings and memories of old days rushed through his mind. And he saw Mike Markulla who was once his father figure and a great jem of Apple. They hadn’t talked since Jobs left. Board approved Apple  and NeXT deal.

Amelio arrived at Jobs home to negotiate on price. After few discussions and Jobs reluctance to get all cash, both sides moved a bit, and deal was struck at $120 Million cash and $37 Million stock options. While they negotiated, Jobs put forth the demand of getting himself to Board. Amelio tried to deflect it, but he couldn’t get out of the Reality Distortion Field.

Jobs was going right with his plan, he wanted to be in board. Jobs wanted to takeover Apple as soon as CEO Gil Amelio stumbled. He was never driven by Money, or by the rank he had on Forbes, he had things to prove, goals and ambitions to meet and respect to achieve.

Jobs came back to Apple, and was heading Operating System department, in 1997.

Then happened the Macworld, after a long time a Apple public event would see Steve Jobs for some time. Amelio had been on vacation, and had some fight with speechwritters resulting him in not rehearsing his speech.

He on stage for fumbling and missing points. He was unaware of context and had to cook up his speech on stage, making it a really bad public appearance. Jobs came to stage after 2 hours, but that was for a shortwhile.

It was something that Jobs used to never do. Jobs during his all keynotes later in life prepared it really well, best in industry.

He knew, that even though the company was in trouble, he had to reach top positions, and get his loyal ones up in ladder to expand his territory. Having control over his own company was really important before having control of world.

He wanted ensure that bad executives at Apple don’t knife the NeXT executives. Ellen Hancock, who publically had stated that his role in Apple was ‘None’. She was soon replaced by 2 NeXT employees.

Other important positions also saw major changes. And it was not just with Apple employees. Some of his loyals outside Apple and #NeXT also came. Rubinstein, who was at #Skype that time received #call from Jobs, asking him to come to Apple. He agreed.

Jobs rarely visited office, but he had constant calls with Amelio. He was getting reporting from his loyal, about all activity. Soon whole Silicon Valley was aware that Jobs was on a war to conquer the place he once owned.

It was quite visible that Amelio was failing to handle Apple. At one meeting he said that Apple was like a ship with treasure, and his Job is to steer it in the right direction. That became joke, between Jobs and Ellison

Ellison publically told that he believed Steve Jobs was the best person to control Apple. He told that he was ready to acquire major stake in Apple, upon approval of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs and Amelio shared a decent relationship, in the early days. Jobs knew that he had to play with proper tactics, as a result he remained sweet and respected Amelio.

In June the 6 month period, for keeping the Apple shares was finished, and Steve Jobs was now free to sell them.  He had promised to publically not tell that he had sold his shares. But soon due to SEC it was clear that Jobs had sold it all

In mean time Apple’s Condition worsened more employees were leaving it, cash was draining. Woolard told the current situation as, “If we stay with Gil as CEO, I think there’s only a 10% chance we will avoid bankruptcy,” he said. “If we fire him and convince Steve to come take over, we have a 60% chance of surviving. If we fire Gil, don’t get Steve back, and have to search for a new CEO, then we have a 40% chance of surviving.”

Board asked him to persue Jobs to be CEO. In a few days, he talked about same with Steve Jobs. He agreed to join board, but not as chairman, and rejected the offer for being CEO.

He was having a good time with his family, and was already the CEO of Pixar. He didn’t want to get into somewhat mess. Also, Steve Jobs wanted to insure thar people who are worried of him leaving Pixar, can be assured.

But later he thought that he had started Apple to change the world and he loved it still. He still wanted to see Apple rise high. He still wants Apple to gain market dominance which, was majorly Microsoft.

So he decided to het back to Apple. And it was a straight forward decision, taken by his conscience. He never wanted to have a award for “Father of The Year” but he wanted to make great products.

Steve Wozniak was happy to get the news he later told Wired, “Gil Amelio meets Steve Jobs, game over.”

Amelio address public telling them that he was leaving and then Jobs came to speak

He had his brutal honest nature playing up, and he wanted the whole company to have self realization and get awakened.

He started with a straight forward question to employees, “So what’s wrong with the products?” no one had the guts to admit what they had been doing wrong. And it was true that he wanted to reform the vision, and tell them that they will correct themselves. As no one had answered the question yet so Jobs broke in to hand down the correct answer. “The products suck!” he shouted. “There’s no sex in them anymore!”

From the next day the reforms began, he was not the #CEO just a adviser but his power was sufficent, to reprice the options of board members and even ask all but 2 board members to resign. These were some of the immediate reforms, he wanted to clear the clutter. We wanted to fix the hole in the ship before moving forward.

One of the people who supported #SteveJobs while he was at NeXT also, was #LarryEllison. He found a place as board member.

In the meantime Apple needed funds and, some great software to ship. Steve Jobs was well aware, that they had some disputed and lawsuits going on with Microsoft. He called up Bill Gates and told him straight forward, thar sooner or later Apple was to win the battle. Apple needed urgent funds it could not wait that long. They decided to settle all cases, if Microsoft was ready to cooperate over making software and puts up investment in Apple. Bill agreed.

Earlier also #Apple and #Microsoft had tried to deal under Amelio, but they were super complicated. Steve Jobs in his idea of having simplicity in everything, got a simple deal prepared.

The #NeXT being acquired for #Apple and #Microsoft, agreeing to cooperate were 2 main life saver of Apple. And, after this investment, Apple never looked back. Apple’s rise to success and fame started with it.


Aditya Agarwal
"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

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