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Basics Of Photography

What is Photography : Photography is the skill to take and know photography. It can be simply be done by a mobile camera but can be taken to next level by a professional camera like a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera (dslr) or a Mirrorless Camera. In this blog I am not going to discuss about videography as it is a completely different concept and be sure… Read More »Basics Of Photography

Electryfing The Industry

Tesla Electrifing The Industry | Elon Week

New Tesla Cars Tesla was just out of crisis and was working marginally good when, in middle of 2012, Tesla surprised everyone with their new Model S. A $50,000 premium sedan, that could go 0-60 miles in 4.2 seconds. It could seat 7 people if back trunk was compromised for 2 additional seats. Also it had 2 instead of 1 trunks. 1 was like traditional… Read More »Tesla Electrifing The Industry | Elon Week

Survival TO Success

From Survival to Success | Elon Week

Postponing Bankruptcy With Bankruptcy on the verge, Elon did calculations just to realize, only ine company of the Tesla and SpaceX had chance to survive. Elon was hunting for investors for Tesla, he pursued Larry Page to out up 50,000 USD, and Bill Lee had also put up 2 Million USD. Many Tesla employees also wrote checks to there companies to keep it running. Elon… Read More »From Survival to Success | Elon Week

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Tesla: Cash Crunch | Elon Week

Elon was facing a tough time with Tesla. Tesla for there Research and Devlelopment was burning cash really fast. They had taken 80 million USD as booking amount for Tesla Roadster and were left with 9 million USD. They were getting Roadster delayed by a year. And the ambitious cost they were targeting 80,000 USD cost and the cost was going to level more than… Read More »Tesla: Cash Crunch | Elon Week

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Things Get Difficult for SpaceX | Elon Week

Elon, after suffering 2 failed attempts was desperate to get the third one right. Burning through his cash, he knew that this attempt could be his last chance. Elon asked all his employees to insure success this time. All were  highly devoted to get it running this time. 2 failed attempts were spiced up by media and the Silicon Valley’s local blog Valleywag. His image… Read More »Things Get Difficult for SpaceX | Elon Week


YouTube not Afraid of IGTV, attacks Twitch with paid Subscripition

Just recently Instagram introduced there platform called IGTV for videos. Instagram probably wants a bite out of whole pie that YouTube owns. But YouTube is not bothered about it. YouTube will rather focus on Twitch, the amazon owned live stream  platform, rather than IGTV. Twitch has it’s own subscription system for live-streams. YouTube will now implement a paid subscription system. This would allow channels to… Read More »YouTube not Afraid of IGTV, attacks Twitch with paid Subscripition

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SpaceX and Tesla | Elon Week

SpaceX Elon after sitting on a pile of $165million, needed something to do with it. And his interest in Space waked him again. This time he had funds to pursue his interest. In October 2001, he along with few member arrived in Russia to buy old ballistic missiles which could be used as rockets. With 20 million dollars for deal. He reached to Russian agencies.… Read More »SpaceX and Tesla | Elon Week

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Tesla Shareholder have a final warning

Tesla’s shares are one of the most shorted shares in the world. Most of the people are skeptical about it’s future, But when it’s Elon you have to believe him for his track record in accomplishing the impossible. He has given many hints that Tesla will be highly profitable in near future, and to be specific by Q3. Tesla manufacturing went a shut down recently… Read More »Tesla Shareholder have a final warning

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Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro – Launch Date Confirmed – June 25 – Other Budget Flagship – Milyin

Oohhh….. a lot off phones by Xiaomi. Why Xiaomi is doing this? Let’s leave it and get to our main point- The Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro. It has been confirmed by the company’s weibo profile that this notch beauty is set to launch on 25 June. All doubts have been cleared by the company regarding the official launch. 1)Will this phone counter other budget flagships?… Read More »Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro – Launch Date Confirmed – June 25 – Other Budget Flagship – Milyin

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Freelancer in 2018!! | Not Recommended At All

Most of you must be thinking that you want to start with freelancing. But being freelancer in 2018!!!! Does this sound nice to start freelancing in 2018. Today I MysticalHopper will present some of my thoughts, actually unbiased, in front of you all. Providing Services Most of you would be really passionate about start providing your personalised services to other people in return of some… Read More »Freelancer in 2018!! | Not Recommended At All