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How Steve Jobs Settles Scores With Adobe

Steve Jobs when was struggling to get Apple back, saw Adobe go against him. Adobe refused to collaborate on making its software versions for Mac in 1999. But around 10 years down the line the tabled turned.

Apple turned from a struggling company to a industry leader. And now its was Apple’s turn to take revenge, which they did by not allowing any apps using Flash system to run on iOS. Also in opinion of Steve Jibs Adobe’s Flash was literally bad. They even banned the compilers that converted Flash apps to #iOS apps.

When criticized for it, #SteveJobs wrote a open letter, and there were majorly facts. Steve Jobs also babes and apps that defamed people or had inappropriate content.

This created goosip at many places including Silicon Valley’s very own blog the Valleywag. In the meantime another bad thing that happened with Apple was that a careless engineer left the pre-release iPhone 4 in a bar, and got in hand of people outside Apple. And it releases series of comments and criticisms there was a percepsion of Apple being Arrogant created in public.

Another trouble that came in 2011 was Antennagate. The iPhone was criticized to be sufferung from issues with network problems. According to some reports, holding the #iPhone in a particular manner cause a significant drop in signal, because it blocked the Antenna bands that are responsible for reception. This issue was significant and unique to Apple because Apple used Metal to make the iPhone case. The electromagnetic waves bend through it rather than passing by, causing less signal reception.

Apple used steel for making the case it gave it beauty, structural strength, and also served as part of antenna. But this created small gaos in case, that was necessary for signals.

But holding in certain way still caused signal drop, and this issue came to be termed as “Antennagate,” and the issue became more prominent when Consumer Reports decided to not recommend it.

Steve Jobs was a trip to Hawaii, when he got informed and decided to return. He started to call all his great people, and asked them to reach board room, the next few days were really crucial for Apple’s image, he got all his memebers arranged to male tough calls.

They also gathered #Data with At&T over call drops, and they realised the issue existed but it was quite minor in comparison to what other phones faced.

#Apple board room gathered facts and together discussed over the plan of #Action. They decided that it was there mistake, but it would be foolish to be apologetic.

Rather what they should do it present facts, tell them the real story, and reason behind it, and in the meantime find a solution to the problem

A solution came easily, that was to use phone case. The plastic phone cases, could be used to insure that signals do not get obstructed to antenna bands, and a reduce in call drops is observed.

What they did was that Steve Jobs, took to stage and told that how this issue was also emminent among other #manufacturers also. And later told that Apple to solve the issue anyway would provide a list of phone cases on its #site, any owner of iPhone 4, can select any one case from the list and Apple will ship it to you for free without any questions. If someone had already bought the case, Apple would #refund the cost upon getting bill.

This made most of the cutomers happy.


Aditya Agarwal
"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

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