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How Steve Jobs got the idea to make iPhone

When Steve Jobs, was envisioning new product for Apple. iPod sales were going high, but they couldn’t remain with iPod forever. They realised that as cameras become less popular when pgones started to ship with Cameras, in similar manner, phones can ship with music player also.

Hence idea of a new revolutionary product came in his mind. Steve Jobs wabted to make a phone. They discussed with team members over the true phone they would like to use. The phones that existed that time were junk.

In the meantime they were aware of a top secret project, working to make a touch screen tablet. The prototypes and the ideas gave them hint, that they could make a phone with same principle

This secret was kept safe, till the time iPhone was launched. He got to know about Microsoft tablet, but he hated it, because it had stylus. Apple was determined to show the world the right way to do tablets and touch screen.

Jony Ive was secretly developing a multi touch interface, for trackpads of Macbook Pros, for multi touch gestures in there devices. He showed it to Steve Jobs privately and Jobs loved it.

Apple developed 2 prototypes, one with iPod style trackwheal and another with touch screen. The touch screen one was riskier, but Jobs found it to be more promisong so they went with touch screen

And they were determined to not use stylus. The problem with touch screen displays is that the finger cannot be as accurate as mouse. This is because the tip of the mouse, is a really sharp point, and can easily get the input.

But the problen with touch was that our fingers have a larger area. When we touch the screen, a larger region if input is received, and software needs to understand what you exactly want to do. This problem was a major hurdle while developing the keyboard.

Jobs also wanted a elegant glass screen rather than a plastic screen, because it looked premium and have a better feel.

But the design after being funalised, saw a rework after 9 months. Hard work of multiple engineers was going to be diluted, because they wanted the device to feel a bit different, and they got a thinner bezel, so that they can have smooth transition between glass and the frame.

The launch event was a great one. Jam packed with croud, Steve Jobs entered in his iconic turtleneck, and started with the importance of technology.

He told that everyonce in a while a revolutionary product comes, that changes everything, not just a industry but everything. This was so with the iPod, and with the iMac.

He wanted people to feel that they were about to witness another revolution, a historic movement.

He said that Apple, is launching 3 revolutionary products, (audience was unaware of product, and he wanted to tell how iPhone can do a work of 3 products.)

Apple was launching a widescreen iPod, a Touchscreen phone, and a revolutionary internet communicator. On screen appeared iPod, phone, and Safari icon.

“Are you getting it, these are not 3 products, this is one product and we are calling it iPhone”

Croud appluaded. Later Steve Jobs gave lot of demonstrations, and croud had good response for it.

iPhone was launched on 8th January 2007, at 9:42. And this is the time, thar is written on all Apple’s screenshots or official photos of iPhone till date.

It started shipping 6 months later, which was the time required for FCC certification.

Sales were good, and there was lot of popularity. And the iPad project that they had kept in the bookshelf became alive, and focus diverted to iPad.

But his health again started to become a hurdle for him. He had lost much of his pancreas, and the result of the same was that he lost weight, and there was a constant pain in his body, added was bad eating habits.

His iPhone 3GS, announcement saw him in lean, thin condition. After the launch the headline and discussion topic remained Steve Jobs rather then iPhone.

The stock price dropped, and constant thoughts, and news were being seen regarding him. Articles regarding his health were common, and blogosphere also erupted. The stock price obviously saw a negative impact as a result of it. Even though Tim Cook was handling the affairs and supporting Jobs. But the company wanted to see Jobs come back, as he was going on a medical leave, to handle his own self.

Research told that Jobs needed  a Liver transplant, and finding one on time seemed impossible, because laws prioritised those with Cirrhosis and hepatitis patients over Cancer.

Money had no influence and Steve Jobs had to be on a large waitlist, to get a Liver that suited his blood group. But one thing they did was to get there name listed on wait list of 2 states at same time. The condition for doing it was to be able to reach to hospitals of both the states within 8 hrs and should be physically examined by doctors of both states.  #SteveJobs got both done to be eligible.

On March 31st 2009, a car driver died in accident and his parts were made available, Steve Jobs reached through his private jet, and transplant was success.

But the health condition did not improve much, because the tumour had gone past the Liver.

During another procedure after the transplant, he aspirated some content in himself that lead to pneumonia. It was fatal, and theh even thought Jobs might not survive another day, but he did survive.

His family gathered, Mona Simpson also arrived. Lauren would constantly hover around him, and monitor his #medical condition.

He used to float in and out of consciousness, and soon he started to recover, and came back his attitude and fusiness to various things also. His bad #eating #habit also returned.

He couldn’t eat food thinking it was medicine. He would get energetic whenever #Apple employees visited him. He was frequently visited by Tim Cook, who shared lots of details, and took advice for small decisions also. Like the font of iPhone 3GS text, had his inputs also.

Steve Jobs was fit again by May 2009, and returned. It was a emotional moment to reach back. He was recveied by #TimCook and Jony Ive on Airport. A excitement and desperate attitude to come back was visible in his eyes.

By early June, he attended a #board meeting and had frquent meetings with employees at his home, and by the end of month he was back to work.

He took reports information, and ripped of people who didn’t perform well. He was back to his innitial form, though after going through so much sufferings, he was more #helpful to people.

Aditya Agarwal
"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

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