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How Steve Jobs and Jony Ive Developed Apple Design Principles

Steve Jobs after Cleaning up the managment, had got his loyals and great people in the top managment. He had cleaned the products, and streamlined the functioning of team.

Steve Jobs was a hunt for a designer with high standards, who could meet his standard of perfection, and understand the design principles. He was searching for such a guy outside Apple, when he got to know Jony Ive. Earnest Jony Ive, soon gaijed his attention. In no time they started to have lunch together. In no time he gained a position in Steve Jobs’ eye that really less people had. Unlike most of his people, Jony Ive was someone who’s substitute Apple could not find for long time. He joined Apple in 1992, and is working in Apple till date.

One thing they both understood was that it was the design that sound govern the engineering whereas the most of the industry was doing just the opposite.

For eg. they saw that even a simple knife, with simple design had engineering problem. The glue was often seen between handle and blade. These small things hampered consumer experience. Apple never wanted it.

The Apple Design studio was a place where they spent there most afternoons, usually just they both, but it was common to call up relevant guy, to see where the company was heading. They remained connected with ground level, because it wad the things that happened that ground level that reached the customer.

They also cared about things like packaging and shipping of there products, because they very well understood that Book’s are mostly judged by there covers only.

And the fruit of there hardwork and partnership was first seen with the iMac. It was a whole paradigm shift in computer industry. The design principles of Macintosh were taken miles further, and the highlight was the internet capability.

There were dozens of foam models made and rejected and iterations happened till supreme perfection. In the classic Apple way. Everyone working at Apple knew that the magic had restored. The final design was a wonderful curvaceous body, with translucent sea blue color. They were spending 3 times more cash per case, when compared to a regular computer case.

One of the greatest synchronisation in them was over the decision to add, a handle to the #iMac to give it a friendly and playful #character. #JonyIve thought about it for some some time and showed it to Steve Jobs and he intiutively understood the intent and it got approved without Ive requiring to say any much

They strongly believed that the design was so great that the back side of iMac was more beautiful than front of many other devices. And it was literally beautiful and interactive by the standards of that time.

The launch of the #iMac happened in the same place where the first Macintosh said hello to the world it was Flint Auditorium of De Anza
Community College in Cupertino.

The #launch was a emotional one. In the front seated were #SteveWozniak, #MikeMarkulla and #MikeScott. Also seated in auditorium were the most of the members of first #Macintosh team, he wanted to make sure that there first members were #proud of the product. He wanted to carry forward there #legacy.


Aditya Agarwal
"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

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