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How Did Steve Jobs Find His Biological Parents

After leaving Apple, Steve’s life had never been smooth sailing. Jobs after recovering himself from leaving Apple, was working really hard to regain his respect.

In the mean time her mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. During her last days, steve sat beside her, talking various things. Her mother struggled to talk, but Steve could understand everything with her emotions. She also told her, some details about how they got to adopt him.

Jobs had been on a search for her biological mother since 1880s. The first detective he hired had failed. He contacted the doctor who’s name had been there on his birth certificate.

Doctor lied that that the details of his birth, had been burnt in fire. The Doctor himself was in his last days of life. He had those papers with his own self in reality. He put them in sealed envelope, and ordered for there delivery only after his death.

Jobs biological parents had a daughter named Mona, before his father did another marriage. Joanne after her second marriage, got the surname Simpson, and so did Mona.

Jobs, wanted her mother to die, peacefully, and as a result he didn’t bother her, by starting talks with her biological mother. He didn’t want to offend her mother.

After passing way, Jobs with approval of his father called up with biological mother, who came at his place. She was filled up with emotions. Mona Simpson was unaware that she had a brother. He simply wanted to meet her mother to see if she was fine, and to tell her that he was living happily.

She after the meet informed Mona that she had brother. They both got a chance to meet, and Mona found her to be nice guy. They continued there friendship, and made a deep relationship with each other. They both could relate with each other. They had a interest in art. She was a writter, and had same perfectionism attitude.

He could never have that good relationship with her adoptive sister Patty. She and Steve Jobs, could well relate and understand each other. Steve Jobs was never interested to meet his biological father, but his sister was. Her father had left her, when she was 5. Mona wanted to know him further and understand his thoughts.

She was successful in able to tracking down her father. She went to meet him. Jobs had asked her to not talk about him, in front of his father. She got to know that her father had been in hotel business. While talking her father told, that he had worked in many hotels. One of the most significant one was in San Jose, where he had a nice time, and he pet great people from Technology world. He recalled one of them was #SteveJobs

Mona Simpson wanted to jump and say that Steve Jobs was his son. But she didn’t, because she promised Jobs to maintain confidentiality. Later she talked to Steve Jobs, and he could recall some portion of the accidental meeting. He could recall a Syrian guy in that hotel in San Jose, and at that time he was unaware of him being his father.

The relationship that Steve Jobs shared with his father was similar to relationship he shares with Lisa. Jobs always kept her at a but distance.

Steve Jobs had a romantic side, and could be deeply romantic.

Steve Jobs dated Joan Baez in early 1980s and even asked her for marriage. Baez always spoke highly of Jobs. She visited Jobs before his death and said, “Steve had a very sweet side, even if he was as . . . erratic as he was famous for being”

Steve Jobs had a romantic relationship with Diane Keaton also. He had many other girlfriends. One of the significant ones was Jennifer Egan. They dated for over a year.

He often flew east to meet her. And they had long calls talking variety ot topics. A common interest they shared was Buddhism. Later there relationship tampered when #SteveJobs got busy, in pulling himself up after being kicked out of #Apple

The next one was Tina Redsey. According to Jobs, she understood Jobs better than any one else. They shared a unique and deep connection.

There relationship like his real life was never smooth sailing and went with up and down for 5 years. She never liked the sparsely furnished House of Steve Jobs. He later asked her for marriage, but she did not agree upon, because she couldn’t live with a man self centered having so many other priorities.

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Aditya Agarwal

"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

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