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Getting Rich and Prosperous: Steve Jobs after Mac launch

With release of Macintosh, Steve Jobs rose to a tall position. His success was renouned. His wealth was big. He bought a duplex at Manhattan’s Central Park West and then a mansion in Woodside.

Another thing that went up was his respect and status in Apple. He was now heading the Lisa and Macintosh division as they were organised under 1 team.

Steve Jobs could be brutally honest. His honesty was when he made Lisa team realise that they lost. He talked on brutally hardcore facts, and proved that Lisa engineers failed to create a product good enough. The result wad that many people got annoyed. He also announced lay-off for a fourth of Lisa team.

The result was some criticism but this reformed all the engineers that came to Macintosh team, to adjust to the new environment, new idea and have a new mindset for working on future projects. With the rise of Apple, the partnership between Steve Jobs and John Sculley strengthened again

In May 1984, Sculley finished his 1st year at Apple, Jobs got a lavish dinner organised. Where Sculley was greeted with top managers of Apple, board members and some east coast investors also.

Jobs announecd that it had been a great year, and 2 great memorable things happened in it. First was Sculley joining Apple and Second was the Launch of Macintosh. Sculley reciprocated the respect that Jobs and Sculley were the 2 leaders of Apple.

Apple executives had hired Sculley to control Steve Jobs, but they were acting as if childhood friends born for each other.

There were incidences where Steve persuaded and pushed for a decision, and whole team of managers would disagree. Steve could get through the decision leveraging his position. And Sculley would do nothing.

Jobs once took his father to his state of the art factory in Fremont, Califronia. He had instilled the qualities of Perfectionism and beautiful design from his father, so he wanted to show his father how he performed.

He took him to a factory tour, and his father approved off the factory. He admired most of the factory.

Things were not quite as sweet when Danielle Mitterrand toured the factory.
The Cuba-admiring wife of France’s socialist president François Mitterrand
asked a lot of questions. And there were questions that annoued Jobs. One of them included concern for workers including Overtime and workers. He told that automation had kept labor costs low. She inquired via translator about vacations the workers got. Jobs said translator that if she was so concerned about workers, she could work in factory.

Upon hearing this Translator turned pale. A by-stander who knew French, cooked up some dailogue on his own self rather than telling what Steve said, so that she does not get offended.

Steve Jobs could be weird at times and he could show his brutal honesty without bothering about the consequences of what he did.

He in anger moved out of the factory and sped his Mercedes straight to his Cupertino Office. He was over a 100 miles per hour, when police officer stopped him. He was scriblling the page, for writting charges, and Jobs told he was in hurry. Fortunately he was not a bad tempered policeman and let him go, advicing Jobs to maintain speed limit.

As soon as he was over with police officer, he was again speeding over a 100 miles. He could be extremely desperate to do a thing. And that was insane.

The success, respect and the popularity due to his attitude was short lived. He was at his peak during innitial portion of 1984, but in later portion of 1984, sales started to tremble. Major reason was performance.

Macintosh gave output of each and everything in terms of pixels rather than charcaters. Result was that there were wonderful wonderful fonts, and each thing came up beautifully but it required more proccessing power and 20 to 30 times more memory. #Lisa did that with 1000k memory, but Macintosh shipped with 128k memory.

The #sales were down, Steve Jobs took a unsual move at the end of year, to push out Lisa that were yet to be sold. He sold them under the brand name #Macintosh XL. It was a rare incident where Jobs sold something he didn’t truly believe in.

The sales came up but everyone knew that reality would be out some day or the other. The 1984 ad was truly a heroic and motivating one. It could energise any one and was light on heart

The dark mood was evident in the ad that was developed in January 1985, which was supposed to reprise the anti-IBM sentiment of the resonant “1984” ad. The ad had managers jumping of the cliff, and was filled with negativity.

It was disliked by #JohnSculley and Jobs both, but it had to be pushed because of protests by employees. And there promises to bring up the sale with this ad.

1985, marked a personal milestone in life of #SteveJobs. He had turned 30 years old, on 24th February 1985. Aging 30, is a #milestone in life of most folks.

Jobs threw a party for the same, turns out cash was jumping out his pockets. He threw a #party and invitations were sent to a lot of invitations, they read “There’s an old #Hindu saying that goes, ‘In the first 30 years of your life, you make your habits. For the last 30 years of your life, your habits make you.’ Come help me celebrate mine.”

Renounced personalities, old friends, coders, Apple executives and Managers, Partners etc. all were there to wish him. These included Bill Gates, John Sculley, Steve Wozniak, to count a few of them. Everyone gave there best regards, many of them took to stage and spoke, Sculley proudly said that he was the greatest #visionary in a long time.


Aditya Agarwal
"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

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