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Future of Technology: Transportation, Space, AI, Environment

The technological advancements in the past 10 years have changed our life. 10 years ago we did not knew what is a smartphone then on 8th January 2007, Steve Jobs launched iPhone, and it was birth of smartphones which changed the way we live. In 1903 aviation was not considered possible till Wright brothers covered that distance airborne, and now flight is a common thing.

Our life has changed fast and it would keep changing at a faster pace in the future. Let us discuss the way our life would be in 2030, 12 years from now. The below given developments in technology, are expected to be true before 2028, though actually they may happen early or late also.


Hyperloop is the future of transportation, it is a thing that would make roads a thing of past.

Hyperloop is a tunnel in which the cars move through semi vacuum and the cars stand in a closed pod which would have air in it and outside in vacuum it travels at speeds roughly 700Km/hr which is enormous that is not a top speed, it can go even further if they succed.

Hyperloops would be used for travelling in long routes, for smaller routes loops would be used. Loops would be a smaller version of Hyperloop which is just same but does not have that vacuum thing, so it is slow.

It would be underground so it would give is more space to live on the surface also. The pods are based on solar energy so, that is even great as it would not be burning fuel. At present the first of them is being in construction in Chicago. They expect it to be functional around 2026

Space Travel

Imagine getting up in India, having breakfast in US, going to office in Australia, lunch in Europe do shopping in evening in China, and Dinner again at India, seems impossible? It would be true by 2024

Space Exploration Technology or commonly known as SpaceX is a privately help Space Exploration Company. The company owns world’s at present most powerful rocket called the Falcon Heavy. It is working to build it’s next version called Big Falcon Rocket.

They would be using it as a space craft to send humanity to Mars. Also they would be using it for inter continental travel. With their Big Falcon Rocket they would take passengers to space travel at really fast speed and then land at their desired destination on earth. It is projected that it would take us to any part of the world within 1 hour of time. And surprisingly the cost is expected to be not much more than Business Class flights.

Autonomous Driving

Google has been working to bring up autonomour driving in our life. Wake up, sit in car, put up destination (like school) and just read book till you reach destination.

That is what Google has been working with the help of Waymo a subsidiary of Google and has been working over the project since 2009. It has spent $1 Billion over it’s development. It is offering free trial rides to people living in Phoenix, Arizona, USA

They have already driven and collected data of 8 Million miles of autonomous travel to improve the driving.


For those of you who are worried about environment at that time, do not worry those great visionaries also have environment in their minds. The 2 main problems at present in our environment are basically Fossil Fuels and Plastics.

Fossil Fuels: The major consumption is basically through vehicles, they not only finish resources they do pollution, Tesla Motors has been working on all electric sedans and have got a lot of success. They have created power efficient long mile range cars, that work great. They have high demand in United States, and are expanding to other countries also. They have not only reached to level of gasoline cars they have out shined them

All there vehicles are emission free, use only electricity, and can be charged at Tesla super chargers also, which work on solar energy. There base model shall cost around 12 lakhs in India, when it is launched. They are great on performance even outshining gasoline cars. They have saved 5 Billion Pounds of carbon emissions in US alone.

Plastics are the other environment destroyers. Plastics are really something we use daily, but now we have it’s substitute it is called Milk Protein, it is more durable than plastic, it is environment friendly and degrades in 15 days so that it can be used as manure in future.

These all are the things that would be to a great extent be true by 2030. Seems impossible that is humanity, accomplishing impossible. 20 years ago people only could dream of cordless phones, and 30 years ago owning a car was something super luxury. 10 years ago writing mail and browsing web on phone seemed impossible. see how it turned out. Humanity will keep revolutionizing becuase “Sun Will Come Out Tommorow”- Little Orphan Annie


Aditya Agarwal
"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"
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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

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