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Developing the Modern Macs with Steve Jobs and Jony Ive

Steve Jobs’ #vision for cost effective, effecient PCs that were portable and powerful, mad his create the Powerbook G4 Cube. But it was received really bad, and sales were dry.

It happened during those days, when the technology of flat screen displays was at its boom. When #Apple started to thing of a new iMac

When Jony Ive came off with a computer he designed a conventional looking device model, Jobs didn’t like it. He wanted each component to have its own identity. It was unnecessary to make that boxy device, if they were using flat screen displays.

Later that day Jobs called up #JonyIve to home, and had a walk in his garden, discussing over right design.

The sunflowers growing in the garden gave them a idea, how about a display seprate from the rest of body, just like a sunflower was separate from its stem. Jobs agreed, a moving army attached to a flat screen display.

Another take, was to move to Intel microsprocessors. They had been using PowerPC, for there devices, but now there chips started to lag, and Intel was the leader.

Jobs made plans, and this was big decesion, because changing chip meant that they needed to work out lot of things in software to accomodate it.

The board took really long, on deciding whether they needed to shift or not. And another issue was Steve Jobs himself, because his arrogance and short temper was not received well there. Finally when the dealing happened, a smooth flow in development happened and everything was final they announced it in 2005.

The switching proccessor was done super smoothly. #BillGates too admired it, stating, that it was a enormous task to change processors, secretly, and then making the shift super smoothly, while being in time, and Apple had done it perfectly.

Meanwhile #SteveJobs, faced criticism for the stock options. He was working $1 a year, when he was interim CEO. Upon becoming #CEO he asked for aeroplane and lot of stock options.

He was criticised for this, he believed that it was not for personal gain, but just because he felt that he deserved it, and it was for recorganization.

Though criticisms continued. But soon something more important than those criticisms came his way Cancer. On a day in October 2003, he came up to a Urologist, and there he was asked for a CAT scan for Kidney and Uterus, nothing was found there. But they found some dark shadows around Pancreas that grew him suspicious. Though Stev Jobs tried to dodge any further check up.

Later he received a call for further checkup, and he could understand the urgency in the voice. He went through biopsy, where a endoscope, was put through his throat. A needle was out through his intestine to get sample of some cells, and after getting the results, they burst into joy.

Steve Jobs was suffering from a rare type of tumour, that grew slowly, and was more likely to be treated. Steve Jobs took time to get away with the realization that he had #Cancer.

Steve Jobs was reluctant to have surgery. He was not willing to get his body opened. He believed that he could cure it with natural methods. But that didn’t work. His tumour had significantly spread, by 2004, and he had to face the reality wherein he had to have a surgery in 2004. This resulted in a major removal of tumour.

#TimCook was made in charge of #Apple. And Steve Jobs took 6 months to recover fully. It was a struggle of few weeks to get back to able to sit on seat after operation. Then a week further on to get on his feet again. He was determined to get back to work.

Aditya Agarwal
"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

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