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Backlinks Explained: Increasing Site Traffic

If you have ever Googled, #backlinks or #SEO you would have come accross articles that have talked about something about Backlinks.


Back in 2001, #Google along with many search engines was struggling to make search results more accurate. For the same purpose they decided to rank site with links to relevant site higher. That was like if a random person knew 2 of my great friends he would be a person similar to me, rather than the person who knows none. Just by doing this search results improved drastically.

Coming back to present, Google still uses it though not as extensively as that time. But we can still #leverage it to improve our search results. By having our own backlinks or friends on some big website or popular page can help you improve your website ranking.

Backlinks nowadays are as easy as finding friends on internet, because you already have ability to post links on Multi-billion dollar websites. Didn’t understand how? We are talking of #SocialMedia, any backlink posted on social media has a social presence, and can be used as a backlink.

Now you can make someone a friend if he knows 2 of your great friends, but doesn’t it feel good, if a #billionaire knows 2 of your friends rather than a ordinary person. Same happens with backlinks, if a great website has your backlinks you get added advantage.

This can help in improving traffic as well as ranking your content high on Google. Well if you want you can also post copy of your article on Milyin with link to actual article and it would become a your friend or a backlink.

Also to see which all websites have link to your website, you should use Google Search Console, which can show which websites have link to your website, thus helping you grow.

Now one thing important to learn is that what is #NoFollow link. It is a link that is present on web, but is kinda false friend, for it doesn’t rank you up. All #comments on websites and other unspecific stuff are no follow links to avoid spam. So try to have the links at a place that is much more relevant



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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

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