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Elon Musk’s SpaceX Launching 7518 Satellites Approval For Starlink

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Elon Musk has got approval to launch 7518 Starlink satellites of low weight that would help improve internet connectivity and provide terabit internet speeds. FCC chairman Ajit Pai has confirmed it.

SpaceX plans to launch them starting from next year. This paves the way for SpaceX’s mission to have 12000 satellites providing free and speedy internet connection across the globe in remotest to remotest locations in project called #Starlink

Launching this many satellites would be a difficult task. Specially in a time when #Russia’s Keldysh Research Center has ridiculed SpaceX for old technology. Russia says that they are developing nuclear energy powered rockets. That would be reusable and could get ready again for next launch. While SpaceX does launch only once a month. Launching this many satellites would be a enormous task. The highest launches of satellites in one time has Been India’s Indian Space Research Organisation, and that was around 100. Even though the satellites, would be really small in size, but still it shall be a enormous task to launch them. THis year so far SpaceX has had 18 launches this year. The approval is in addition to one that SpaceX received from the FCC in March for a constellation of 4,425 satellites. It would be costing be $20 Billion, and SpaceX expects to get it operational by id of 2020. They besides there own satellites would be launching satellites from other sites also, these include #Telesat, #LeoSat, and #Kepler Communications. 

#SpaceX according to plan is planning to start the launch from next year, and would have to launch half of them within next year. So far they just have 2 Starlink satellites in space one is TinTin A and other is TinTin B, both having the weird naming scheme of #ElonMusk

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7518 Approvals!! That’s Cool.

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