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Why You Should Follow Your Heart and Have a Passion by Steve Jobs

Passion is really important for career when you are just starting it would make you work harder and if you are facing troubles it would motivate you to go on rather than to quit. Steve Jobs was a really successful CEO and is the best example to explain the importance of passion

Steve Jobs was really passionate person. His life shows that why love is important, and why following your heart and Passion can help you face hard conditions and still succeed.

Steve Jobs found his interest in Technology at a really young age. He and Steve Wozniak who was a bit elder to Jobs ran many errands for fun and as well to generate cash. Steven Wozniak was a hacker and therefore was much into computers

They started Apple at a young age. They made Apple 1 and Apple 2. The result of relentless efforts was that Steve Jobs was a millionaire at the age of 23. That net worth had grown to $10 million by the next year and more than $250 million by the age of 25, according to many estimates. But then he was out of his own company at age of 30. (Due to fights with co workers)

After being jobless he though what he would like to do in life, he realised that even though he had failed but still he loved what he did. He decided to start new companies, selling all shares of Apple and keeping just one

He did not quit. He was a passionate person and he kept on going. He realized that even though he failed he still loved what he did. He started 2 new companies. One was called Next and developed its own computers, while the other one Pixar made animations and brought animated movies to life. Steve Jobs works included developing and improving GUI interface further, and also making movies such as Toy Story.  There were relentless efforts made by him to gain success. His hard work was such that today after many years after there acquisition, one company (‘Next’) lives at heart of Apple and other (‘Pixar’) lived at the heart of Disney.

When Apple acquired Next, Steve Jobs returned back to the board with respect and soon became CEO. Within few years he was among most successful CEOs with amazing products launched including iPod and iPhone. And today also after many years his passion still inspires us, and his works still influence our life.

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